The Criminal Justice System

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Human services provides help to individuals, families and children that are in crisis or have needs that are not being met. One of the systems within human services focuses on upholding the law to the fullest extent. According to the National Center for Victims of Crime “The criminal justice system is the set of agencies and processes established by governments to control crime and impose penalties on those who violate laws”. In other words this system seeks out to provide justice and safety for victims of horrendous crimes while also prosecuting those who commit these crimes. This system is in place in order to protect and serve the many individuals in the U.S be it at a local, state or federal level. The criminal Justice system include agencies such as law enforcement, courts, and prosecution and defense attorneys. Once a crime has been committed it goes through the law enforce first which includes the police officers that investigate the crimes. Then based on evidence they make an arrest and the case goes to court in front of a jury. In court the prosecution and defense attorneys argues to the right of the client and the state. Finally based on the evidence presented and testimonies the alleged criminal goes to prison for however many years deemed fit by a judge. The Criminal Justice System is a complex system that deals with not simply the perpetrators but also the victims. It helps shed light on what could be a life-altering situation for the victims. In some cases they provide clarity to the issues that the victims are left to face long after the crime has been committed and the perpetrator has been captured. I am interested in this system because it does not focus only on putting the perpetrators in prison but also on the... ... middle of paper ... ...ey work to reduce false alarms as well because if they are too many then the general consensus might to be to ignore the alarm which might reduce the amount of children recovered and the amount of abductors that are put in prison. Amber’s Law helps put two-time sex offenders in prison for life. From that the idea of notifying the public and police officers of abducted children quickly became crucial especially since the abduction and later murder of nine year old Amber Hagerman. The law and the murder of Amber created the Amber Alert which helps law enforcement involves the public by providing information to look out for in order to bring back abducted children. The system which has officially been in place since 2003 has help recover hundreds of abducted children. It is also continuing to improve in order to recover abducted children and prevent abductions as well.

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