Causes And Effects Of Crime

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Crime; an illegal act or a wrongdoing in which someone can be prosecuted by the state or punishable by law. Crime is a huge deal all around the world and the major part of them is that younger people are at the highest rating of committing them. Young people between the ages of about 15-21 have the highest crime rates compared to others this being for numerous reasons. First, there is an abundant amount of technology and media influencing and affecting the younger minds. Second, many young people are peer pressured into committing crimes primarily because they have a status to keep or simply because they don’t know right from wrong. Another huge factor is poverty; poverty is difficult on children which can cause them at earlier stages in life to commit crimes and rebel against the laws. In todays’ world technology is more advanced than it has ever been. Technology and the media have come a long way for the better and for the worse. If anyone desired they could receive information from computers, television, phones; or any other type of media source in the matter of seconds. The problem with media being so easily accessed is that the younger people are using the information they collect in a negative way. Young adults and…show more content…
Young adults and teens growing up in poverty can dramatically have affected lives. “Teenagers committed more crimes than other age groups only in high-poverty areas. In the areas where teenagers had as much money as other middle-aged people, they tended to commit fewer violent crimes” (Kirchner). Mike Males discovered this statement in a new study he was working on dealing with poverty and crime, this hence proves that poverty and the living conditions of the youth will affect the crimes they commit. When teenagers grow up in repulsive living conditions they tend to mentally and even physically not be aware of their surroundings and the actions
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