Is College Necessary? College? Essay

Is College Necessary? College? Essay

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Is College Necessary?

College isn 't a necessary component to be successful in life but society thinks otherwise. The article “Why We Need Vocational education”, by Mark Phillips explains why and how our education system needs a great amount of work, while “Why College -For-Everyone Is a Sham”, by Diane Ravitch and the article from explain how college education is not entirely as useful as society makes it sound. Students should go to college to get more educated; not to be more successful that someone else. People are going to college for the wrong reason.
America, believe it or not, is not number one in education around the world. Shocking? Not exactly. Many suggest or argue that the cause is lack or something called vocational education. Vocational education is education in vocational schools that prepares people for a specific trade. It’s not what society would call a ‘normal’ school. According to Mark Phillips , “this bias against vocational education is dysfunctional, It is destructive to our children. they should have the opportunity to be trained in whatever skills their natural gifts and preferences lead them to…” (Phillips 1). Most schools across America don 't offer this, but they should. Society isn 't realizing that everyone is testing differently and that it would be way easier for students to adapt to this kind of education. In a nutshell, Phillips is saying that this type of education could potentially raise America 's intelligence value. Phillips claims that “vocational education on both a secondary and postsecondary level highly valued, well funded, and effectively implemented” and that “the first steps should be taken on a local level (Phillips 2). It may be hard to get more vocational schools i...

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...ersonal drive to actually want to make a difference. They must get up and do something with their life. Phillips, Ravitch, and have all somewhat shown that college education is a choice that one person decides to make on their own without input from others. Society believes that everyone should go to college. However, times have changed. What matters most, more than ever, is having the skills to actually do the job. That piece of paper they call a ‘degree’ is not going to mean much to employers in the future. So yes, it is completely possible to be successful without a college education. College isn’t for everyone. Sure, it could be a nice achievement, but it is possible to succeed in America without a four-year degree. Go to college to further your education, if you’re up for it, but stay home if you aren’t willing to use that education to be successful.

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