Why Is A College Worth It Essay

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In the generation we live in now college is not option or privilege. College nowadays is necessity. The big question is that is college education worth it. College can be worth it, but it also is not worth. I will explain why in this paper. A lot of people are successful, and they haven’t stepped a foot in a college, and they are doing better than a person who has received a degree. Both sides of the argument have a view.
Some people attend college, because they feel like they to have to make other people happy. When your are in high school people will tell one things like “Going to a college is just the right thing to.” They never explained why college is the right thing to do they just keep pressuring us to attend college. The person may
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According to Time magazine, “22% of people can afford college, and 75% can’t afford, and family and schools differ on who should pay for it (Is College Worth It?).” Some college students feel like college is a big waste of time, because they never really learn what they want to learn. College students have to take courses that have nothing dealing with their major just to get a general education requirement. Being a college student I have heard other students “I do not see why I have to take this class it has nothing to do with my major.” The students also gets frustrated after awhile.
College prepares students with more knowledge to succeed later on in life. Even though in one learn a lot more knowledge, and responsible in college it is not always a good. After the student graduate from college they are still unemployed or underemployed. The stress from college can later on cause health problems. Students are usually overwhelmed with all the work they have to do just to get a degree that does not guarantee them a job. According to Brian Kelly, “If colleges were businesses, they would be ripe for hostile takeovers, complete with serious cost-cutting and painful reorganizations (Kelly
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It can be worth the money, because the students meet new people from different ethnic backgrounds. It helps a student to development social skills, because we are exposed to different cultures we are not use to. I mean who wants to come off ignorant to another culture. I am pretty sure that will be embarrassing also. The social skills that a student receives from college are excellent. A student may be a shy person, but college can bring them out when they meet people just like them.
College is also place where a young adult gains responsibility, because one is basically on their own most of the time. College is way different from high school, because a student has to juggle their financial state. They go away to college, and face circumstances they usually do not have to face alone. Time has to be manageable, and deadlines have to be met. College is the “real world” that your parents always would tell one
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