Essay on The Is A Paternalistic Approach?

Essay on The Is A Paternalistic Approach?

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How competent do you feel in being able to intervene with a community in a way that does not project a paternalistic approach?
From my personal journey thus far in social work I know that I have answered a calling in my life to help others. Just like the NASW code of ethics states we are here to enhance the wellbeing of individuals ' lives. (NASW, 2008) I think sometimes we as humans and as practicing professionals get so caught up in our own ideas of what we think someone should do in a situation. We have all the answers and solutions for the person or group problem, but in reality is that what the group wants or needs to do? One group I plan to work with on the macro/micro level of social work is the elderly population. Ever since I was a young girl I have always loved and enjoyed helping older adults. As I think about the paternalistic approach I think about how many elderly people aren’t very acceptable to change, it upsets their homeostasis and feeling of peace. As a practicing professional I will have to be mindful that while I may have great ideas for my clients it is about what is best for them and what they want to do. I know personally I would not want someone from the outside who only sees part of my situation to come in and dictate exactly what I have to do. The paternalistic approach is a natural habit that we all tend to portray at some point because we all simply just want to solve problems and be the hero. (Shepherd, 2015) If the people you are helping see you submersed in the community and not just an outsider trying to change it, they will be more adapted to allow you to be a part of the potential change and more susceptible to it. Throughout the semester we have learned about empowerment and how important it i...

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... and members as possible. Overall, I know that my skills as a social worker will be a learning process across the lifespan of my career. Learning how to work with larger groups and communities may be a little harder for me than working with individuals because I like to be personable. We learn the most when we are taken out of our comfort zone, so by practicing macro social work I can still obtain new skills and sharpen ones that I already have. Even though my personal plans do not include doing too much macro social work in my career, I think having some experience will make me a more well-rounded social work and open the door for opportunities. Throughout this semester I’ve learned the most about macro practice that I have thus far in social work school and can see it definitely takes a special type of social worker to be fully competent and dedicated to the group.

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