Leadership And Autocratic Leadership: Three Types Of Leadership

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According to Manion (2014), a leader is a person who is able to positively influence a group of people and develop their ability to accomplish a goal (Manion, 2014). According to this definition of leadership, it suggests that every individual has a likely chance to become a leader. Every time one voices an opinion or an idea, they influence others in some form of way, therefore, they function as a role of a leader. Lewin, Lippitt and White (1939) suggest that there are three types of leaders: authoritarian, democratic and laissez-faire (Lewin, Lippitt, & White, 1939). Authoritarian, or autocratic leadership, is a leader that dictates all the decisions within a group of individuals (Lewin et al., 1939). On the other hand, the Laissez-faire leader allows the group members complete freedom without the leader’s participation in any of the decisions (Lewin et al., 1939). The type of leader I aspire to be is the…show more content…
I gave encouraging comments to my colleague by saying “you are very organized when we do projects together. It keeps us on track.” I would try to appreciate the contributions that others have done and gave positive feedback. In my next year, I will continue to improve aspects in encouraging the heart. According to Kouzes and Posner (1996), the heart of leadership is caring, and it is important to build relationships with those I work with (Posner & Kouzes, 1996). When we recognize and recognize others for their contribution, it imparts with them a sense of courage, inspiration and also brings to their awareness of value within the organization (Posner & Kouzes, 1996). I personally agree with this perspective of leadership, and I will continue to strive to encourage those around me as this plays a big role in capacity building. An important part of leadership is to be able to inspire and empower others to be the best version of their own
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