The Is A Friendly And Warm Smile Essay

The Is A Friendly And Warm Smile Essay

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Elyssa has a friendly and warm smile. She always works well with other group members. During Mathematics class, she always concentrates well and works on the task, she seems to be able to understand most of the concepts and is able to work independently most of the time. However, always asking questions and discussing with the teacher or peers could benefit her significantly, and it would certainly bring her to a higher level which is clearly in her capacity. I am looking forward to seeing an active Elyssa who likes asking lots of questions.
Charlotte is a highly self-motivated learner. She has the maturity which is above her age. She has high ability of organisation, and always looks confident and unruffled in front of any challenges. In Mathematics class, she is the one who catches the key ideas in the first instance. Well done, Charlotte, keep moving on, our future Mathematician!
Olivia is a friendly and cheerful person, she gets along well with others. Olivia has made a significant improvement in Exponentials test compared to semester 1, well done, Olivia! In Maths class, she is able to concentrate on the task. If she could ask questions more frequently and bravely, she would reach a higher level soon within her capacity.
Dana is a lovely girl who has a warm and cheerful personality. In Maths class, Dana concentrates well and seems to be able to understand most of the Mathematical concepts. However, sometimes Dana looks not confident enough in Maths. Learning Maths needs lots of discussions and frequently asking questions. If Dana could ask questions bravely whenever she gets stuck, she would improve herself significantly in a short period.
Georgia is a dependable leaner who always concentrates well in Maths class.
Casey has...

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...ey to gaining knowledge. Celia also likes discussing Maths matters with others. She always works hard in Maths class. Celia’s learning methods seems very positive. The only suggestion I would like to give is spending 30 minutes working on Maths every night consistently, then she would reach to the higher level quickly.
Tom is an optimistic and cheerful person who has a positive attitude to the school. He gets along well with others and seems to have many friends around, which is really good! Tom pays good attention to Maths lessons, and always work on the tasks. Tom’s Maths seems to be improved steadily in Semester 2, good job, Tom! Also, it is very nice to see Tom discussing Maths matters with others, which is certainly an efficient way of learning Maths. If he can spend 30 minutes nightly working on Maths consistently, he would bring himself to a higher level soon.

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