Psy 315 Week 3 Assignment

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Part A: When a teacher from Tryhard high school decides to voice her/he’s distaste about the success of the students from the previous year in mathematics, a few students decide to take matters into their own hand. Using the scores of the previous years they started to analyses the documents and see if the teacher was wrong. Complete Part A: The first thing that was decided upon was to find the Mean, Median, and Mode. Using a calculator they were able to obtain the exact numbers. Year 1 Year 2 Mean 13.20 Median 13 Mode 11 Mean 18.60 Median 19 Mode 15 Next the best method of comparing the data needed to be choses to best understand the information of the two years. What the students came up with was. “The Mode is the option in this scenario …show more content…

With the most replicates in the histogram being 10, which was seen from both the scores 11 and 14. This Year What the students discovered from the histogram from this year was that firstly the score was noticeably higher than the ones seen in the previous year. And that the scores though not having as many replicates did have a much high percentage of people in the high end of the spectrum. Still with not enough clarification with the information and data that they had gathered the students decided to calculate the rand and the quartiles of the two data sets. Next this information was then turned into a box and wicker plot for more in-depth interrogation of the data. Pervious year: This year: (, 2015) The students then continued to discuss if the evidence from the wicker plot ran parallel to the claims of the teachers. What was discovered, according to the information provided was, students had improved their math skills since the previous year, this would however make the claim from the teacher incorrect. This was confirmed with the histogram as well, with the larger group of people doing remarkably better in the present year rather than the previous

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