The Invention Of Skateboarding Photography Essay

The Invention Of Skateboarding Photography Essay

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Skateboarding photography has changed immensely since the 1960s due to the advancement in technology and change in photographic technique. Despite what most people think, skateboarding photography is an extremely difficult and artistic form of photography that not only requires a skilled photographer, but also requires the knowledge of a skateboarder to know how these photos should look. (Refer to figures 1 and 2) In the 1960s skateboarding was hardly seen let alone photographed, but in todays society skateboarding has become one of the most popular action sports in the world with a need for photographers to capture these amazing ticks. This research paper will discuss how the change in photographic equipment and technique has helped advance skateboarding photography from the 1960s to today. This was done by analyzing literature reviews of skateboarding photographers, studying 1960’s and modern skateboarding photos, researching what camera equipment was/is popular in the 1960s and today, and what techniques were used for skateboarding photography in the 1960s and today.

Even though the first skateboard was made in the 1950s, the skateboarding industry didn’t start to mass-produce skateboards until the 1960s when the metal skateboard wheel was replaced by the clay skateboard wheel. (Tony Owen, 2013) With the skateboarding industry being so small, in comparison to todays industry, the need for skateboarding photographers was almost none existent. In fact, the majority of photos taken of skateboarding in the 1960s look as if they were taken over the course of a few days. Skateboarding photography in the 1960s was not about capturing an amazing trick or promoting a brand; inst...

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...of skaters doing extremely difficult tricks in order to better promote their products. (Refer to figure 10)

(Gaberman 2014) (Figure 10)

In conclusion, skateboarding photography has changed dramatically since the 1960s. In the 1960s a photographer could just take a photo of someone having fun skating with their friends, but modern day skateboarding photography has become focused on capturing extremely difficult tricks in an artistic way while still making the obstacle being skated look larger than life. The drastic advancement in equipment used by skateboarding photographers has also allowed them to access, edit and release their photos almost instantaneously. After comparing and contrasting photos from these two periods in time, it is obvious to tell from the composition and resolution of the photos that the way skateboarding photography was executed has changed.

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