Persuasive Essay: Becoming A Professional Snowboarder

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Imagine being on the top of the world, on a bitter cold mountain, over top of an enormous crowd. Below where you stand, the lustrous lights are shining on a massive jump, that seems larger than the mountain itself, created for the professional snowboard competition. This gargantuan jump will decide whether you win or lose the competition. Becoming a professional snowboarder has been a dream to me ever since I first was beginning to snowboard. Being on top of the enormous slope and strapping into my bindings instantly made me relaxed and put a grin larger than the slope itself on my face. Everytime I glide down the face of the mountain I become focused and dialed in on my riding. When becoming a professional snowboarder as an occupation, I would…show more content…
The excitement from competing in such a competition and the view the crowd would be something I would have dreamed of in my early stages of snowboarding. The experience would give me an overwhelming amount of adrenaline and make it feel as though my childhood dreams had sprung legs and walked through time towards my present day self. Professional snowboarding competitions would give me the joy and passion to work my dream job all while traveling the world and increasing my snowboarding skills with my friends.
I am now a professional snowboarder with my friends at Mammoth Mountain, the local resort, anxiously preparing for the X- Games slopestyle competition that is a few days away. The slopestyle competition that I am competing in is a snowboarding course that consists of rails and jumps that are
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I could come to a resort and strap in my bindings for fun, and competition, to put the adrenaline through my veins. I had dreamed of professionally snowboarding ever since beginning to tirelessly learn how to turn my snowboard down the bunny hill slope. This bunny hill slope once seemed to be as tall as a giant but now I found myself to be the man on top of the X- Games slopestyle course. Now I had won a gold medal and had become a big name in the snowboarding business. I went from being a kid with high hopes of being on top and showing the world that anything can be done if you put your mind to it. The sport of snowboarding is what truly makes me happy and competing in large competitions is what the sport is about. These competitions would be the drive for my experience in the terrain park with friends, or just trying to progress my skills on my own. Ultimately, Competing in snowboard competitions as a professional snowboarder would prove anything can be done if you put your mind to it as it would drive me in life to have my dream job, all while being with friends and having an overwhelming passion for what I do for a
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