How Does Pop Culture Influence Popular Culture

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Popular culture has given people the opportunity for people to have a chance to shine, and many have had their lives changed. For example, when American Idol had launched in 2002, the winner, Kelly Clarkson, had her chance to shine for the entire time she was competing and eventually won the competition. Her success provided her with the ability perform not only nationwide, but also worldwide. But how exactly does popular culture enable Filipino Americans to have a chance at success? In order to answer that question, one must look for the means which drive them to popular culture. Although Filipino Americans were involved in the community, nevertheless they chose to get involved in popular culture, which gives them success. Through popular…show more content…
For the ones that joined the gangs, they joined it to just identify with a group and have a sense of belonging. They joined it because they felt that they needed to fit in with a group that was Filipino or Pinoy, which gives them the sense of Pinoy Pride. Also, the Pinoy gang is not associated with crime and law enforcement. They spend most of their time partying, nightclubbing, and doing recreational activities. For them, doing things like that is a way of life. The crew formation indicates that the Filipino American youth need social support and identity development. In the 1990s, there was a rise of Filipino American and Asian American clubs, and the Filipino Americans began to receive a cultural style that would define them. This cultural style would be popular music and culture. In particular, African American hip hop. Even though they are interested in African American hip hop, they are not necessarily becoming part of the black cultural form but had to adopt specific African American cultural roles, such as…show more content…
Because the Filipinos are very collectivist, popular culture has enabled them to have a sense of community, especially for the youth. Although they were involved in gangs, it helped them gain a sense of belonging with others who are Filipinos as well. Gangs gave them a sense of identity, and they had the Pinoy Pride associated with them. DJing also gave them a chance to give them a sense of identity and they were able to perform for others without being ridiculed. Reality shows give Filipino Americans the chance to show their talent to others outside of their culture, and usually they get support from the Filipino communities all over the United States. Once they successful in the reality shows, they get the chance to perform in the Philippines where they are also supported, and they can even become a global Filipino like the famous celebrities. Popular culture is truly something that will never cease to

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