Digital media is changing the creativity of photography

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Photography used to be an industry on its own. The world of photography as an industry is under the change. Every media, including advertisement, newspapers, television and internet are full of pictures. Photography is widely big part of peoples life and it presences trough the life of an individual. Nowadays photography has become a global phenomenon. Photography is becoming more and more usual thing to everyone in daily life and its aspects in photography creativity is going to be significant. People are living one of the biggest time of change in photography, and it is going to be significant what will happen and how it is going to affect the creativity of photograph industry. New agenda in techniques evolves a major affect to the internet. Politics of the electronic image have presented a challenge to be confronted directly. The rise of what is known now as a 'digital art' or 'internet art' reaches beyond the modernist world. The rise of the internet is likely to change the infrastructure of contemporary visual art, and its organisation and economy is stretchening across the globe. Creativity does not simply reside in the arts or media industries, but it is increasingly important put into all sectors where and content form the basis of competitive advantage in global economic markets. How that affects to an art as global phenomenon. The future of photography industry is unclear, and the fragility of an image the digital realm has caused a major concern. Downloading pictures to the internet and spreading them all over it is easier than ever before. It is inevitable that there is some challenges in the sector of photography industry in the future and they way that is going to... ... middle of paper ... ... is difficult to stay creative these days, when sharing the photos has risen to the new level in a world of photography. It weakens the meaning of original photographs. Photographs have become one big mass in the internet. The photographs in the internet is difficult to know who they are, the photo spread of the Internet also increases the problem so that pictures may fall into the wrong hands. Creativity photography throughout deteriorates as the individuality is reduced. Digital technology, offer to us images at such a widely that our eyes are often numbed by visual information around us. Sensivity in each individual image is worning worn down, which is loosening the spesific creativity in each picture. When people see the major mass of photos everyday that affect to that they do not concentrate to the pictures the same way than before.
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