Why Skateboarders Should Not Be Banned

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As skateboarding evolved, it was once something kids do in their free time, later became a prospering sport. This started many new changes to our local cities. “No skateboarding” signs are being posted places that skateboarders would go to practice. Architects are finding new ways to redesign structures like benches and handrails in the city, in order to lower the abundance of skateboarder in an area. All these changes have resulted in a good amount of money spent redoing everything to prevent skateboarding, but nothing is being done to give skateboarders a safe place to skate. For young teens whose only transportation is a skateboard, they can only travel so far, and skateparks are not close enough. To eliminate the amount of skateboarders in heavily populated areas, I propose that cities invest more money into building skateparks so skateboarders have a safe place to practice the sport.
It is very hard to perform at the best of your ability with only being able to practice in your front yard. Skateboarders try to find a new place to skate, but come across a sign that reads “No Skateboarding” and get the cops called because they are on private property. Skateboarders strive to find those skatespots because they are the best way of learning harder tricks, without driving miles to a visit a skatepark outside their city. That 's why skateboarders have a tendency to put themselves in risk of prosecution by the police just to be able to reach their goals of becoming sponsored one day. A sponsorship is when a company wants to pay you to represent their product. This isn’t an easy thing to earn, but with a lot of dedication anything can happen. A skatepark nearby will allow kids to start practicing at a young age, so one day they hav...

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...ant to the skatepark to make a difference. This will bring the community together because they will have to work to work with one another to accomplish their goal.
To conclude, skateboarding is getting bigger every year. The problem is that there arn’t enough skateparks to support the growing population. Major cities can invest in a professionally designed park to increase the population of the city, and to draw out skateboarders out bad areas. By getting communities to work and donate a little money, we could build more skateparks in reasonable places like beside a playgrounds. Lowering the amount of vandalization done by skateboarders who are just looking for a place to practice. With your involvement, you can be the one supporting the growing population of skateboarders and the one making a difference in a child’s life by allowing a skatepark to be built near by.
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