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  • Definition Essay - The Word 'Private'

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    between the three dictionaries, although the dictionary from 1913 had a few dissimilar terms. The word private was looked up in Webster Dictionary from 1913,  The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language: Fourth Edition, and the Oxford English Dictionary: Second Edition. Many people think of private as meaning something in solitude, or secretive. Reading these dictionary entries revealed the labyrinthine meaning of the word private. Some of the definitions seem very similar to the way

  • Waste Land Essay: Eliot's Use of Different Speakers

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    Eliot's Use of Different Speakers in The Waste Land Different speakers in "The Waste Land" mirror the disjointedness of modern experience by presenting different viewpoints that the reader is forced to put together for himself. This is similar to the disassociation in modern life in that life has ceased to be a unified whole: various aspects of 20th-century life -- various academic disciplines, theory and practice, Church and State, and Eliot's "disassociation of sensibilities," or separation

  • What's at Stake in The Graduate

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    The Graduate is transformed from the intended wide screen version to the formatted television edition. Edits are a very apparent change in The Graduate when one witnesses the wide screen version compared to the cropped format. For example, in one of the beginning scenes, when Mrs. Robinson is asking Ben for a ride home, she casually tosses his keys into the fish tank behind him. In the letter boxed edition, the viewer is able to see her deliberately throw the keys over Ben's shoulder and into the

  • Stirrups

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    Stirrups The American Heritage Dictionary (3rd edition) defines a stirrup as "a loop or ring hung from either side of a horse's saddle to support the rider's foot" (The American Heritage Dictionary 799). Stirrups were invented by the Chinese in the year 477 A.D., and by the early Middle Ages the countries of Japan, India and Korea seem to have adopted its use. Stirrups became known in Persia, Byzantium and France in the 7th or early 8th century A.D.. Before stirrups were invented, riders had

  • The Importance of the Origin of the First Quarto of Hamlet

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    "Newly imprinted and enlarged to almost as much / againe as it was, according to the true and perfect / Coppie." Taking this at face value, three facts necessary follow: That there is at least one earlier edition (or else this one could not be "newly imprinted...again"); that the earlier edition was shorter (or else this one could not be "enlarged"); and that this quarto does not include some lines from the "perfect Coppie" (since it is "almost as much"). Indeed, a First Quarto exists dated a year

  • Bette Howland's Criticism of Henry James's Washington Square

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    they all have the same basic plot. According to Bette Howland, Henry James never cared for his novel Washington Square. He refers to it as "A poorish thing" and "a tale purely American" (1). In fact, when he compiled his stories in his New York Edition he omitted this story from its pages. He claimed that, "I've tried to read over Washington Square and I can't and I fear it must go" (1). Ms. Howland claims that it is "a fitting irony. You might say that like Dr. Sloper in the novel, James disinherited

  • Open Silences in Shakespeare's Measure for Measure

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    How Productions from 1720 to 1929 Close Shakespeare's Open Silences in Measure for Measure Prologue: Playtext. Performance. and Open Silences In the Preface to his edition of Shakespeare's plays, and even as he vigorously defended the playwright against attacks by other neo-classical critics, Samuel Johnson nonetheless also offered his own survey of Shakespeare's weaknesses. Among the more well-known and provocative remarks is his assessment of the endings of the plays: It may be observed

  • Grimm's Fairytales - The Most Gruesome Tales Every Told

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    Grimm's Fairytales - The Most Gruesome Tales Every Told Afterwards as they came back, the elder was at the left, and the younger at the right, and then the pigeons pecked out the other eye from each." "'Cut the toe off; when thou art Queen thou wilt have no more need to go on foot.'" "'Kill her, and bring me back her heart as a token.'" The Grimm's fairytales were, and have remained, some of the most violent and gruesome tales told. Although the tales were originated with the purpose

  • Online Newspaper Vs. Print Version

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    The contents of the Southeast Missourian online paper may seem so much more fitting with this day and age, but the traditional newsprint edition still offers their subscribers a lot more information. The print version organizes the newspaper with pictures from various sections located at the top, side, and bottom in order to draw the reader in to the articles and advertisements. The online version is very to the point in its content in the fact that the Southeast Missourian does not have to sell

  • Lord

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    Bokenkotter. A Concise History of the Catholic Church (revised and expanded edition). 1990. (BX945.2 .B64 1990) William J. Collinge. Historical Dictionary of Catholicism. 1997. (Reference BX945.2 .C65 1997) Michael Glazier and Thomas J. Shelley, editors. The Encyclopedia of American Catholic History. 1997. (Reference BX1406.2 .E53 1997) J. Derek Holmes and Bernard W. Bickers. A Short History of the Catholic Church. "New Millennium Edition," 2002. (BX945.2.H63 2002) Hubert Jedin and John Dolan, editors.

  • Compariing Three Versions of Chaucer's Pardoner's Tale

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    have not looked at that tale in class, and given that it was the only sample I could find in the scattered volumes of the Specimens, I felt it would be interesting to look at them, especially compared to the Riverside edition we are reading in class. Beginning with the Riverside edition, the introduction to the Pardoner?s tale begins with ?Heere endeth the Phisiciens Tale? and ?The woordes of the Hoost to the Phisicien and the Pardoner.? (Benson, 193) These introductory words, as well as the closing

  • The Mayor of Casterbridge

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    nineteen-week period from January second to May fifteenth in the year of 1886. There were no major differences between the serial versions “except that for reasons of space Harper’s Weekly omitted some passages which were restored in later editions” (Norton Critical Edition, xiii). There were three hundred changes from the manuscript. Essentially, they were only minor “local” improvements. For example, in the Graphic the slang words “damn it” become “hang it”. It appears that the American Harper’s Weekly

  • A Range of Interpretations of Shakespeare's Hamlet

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    the canon, surprising enough in a play in which hardly a single punctuation mark has been left unscrutinized and uncommented on.3 Most editions either ignore them completely or dismiss them as some actor's invention. An honourable early exception is the edition of Nicolaus Delius where he explains the Folio reading as "Hamlets Todesgestöhn."4 The only modern edition I know to take this reading seriously is The... ... middle of paper ... ...njustified derision" (352). Honigmann's interesting article

  • Frankenstein

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    health, and hears the fantastic tale of the monster that Frankenstein created. Victor first describes his early life in Geneva. At the end of a blissful childhood spent in the company of Elizabeth Lavenza (his cousin in the 1818 edition, his adopted sister in the 1831 edition) and friend Henry Clerval, Victor enters the university of Ingolstadt to study natural philosophy and chemistry. There, he is consumed by the desire to discover the secret of life and, after several years of research, becomes convinced

  • Kit Kat over Snickers

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    me off a kit Kat bar. Kit Kats last longer because you only eat one bar at a time therefore you eat slower, unlike snickers which you eat quickly in a few bites. The 4 bars was a great idea. Kit Kat’s are constantly adding new flavors limited edition white chocolate and mint chocolates make variety which snickers can compete.

  • Anne Bronte's Agnes Grey and the Critics

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    Grey and the Critics Little is known about the composition of Anne Bronte's book Agnes Grey. Many critics believe that the original draft of Agnes Grey was titled, Passages in the Life of an Individual and was written July of 1845. The first edition of the novel was published in 1847 in combination with Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights. Through out her life, Anne had written many poems and finished two complete novels. Both of her novels, Agnes Grey and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall were published

  • This is gay

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    before upgrading to Windows 2000 ---------------------------------------------------------------- Windows 2000 contains an earlier version of Internet Explorer components than Internet Explorer 6. Before upgrading from Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition, or Windows NT to Windows 2000, it is recommended that users uninstall Internet Explorer 6. During the upgrade, you may receive the following message: "This program may not run correctly because of new features in Internet Explorer 4.0. You may need

  • Fairy Tales

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    wrote but we only see the more modern version. Some differences between the edition of 1812 and later versions: beginning with the edition of 1819, the Grimms add the statement that Snow-White's mother died during childbirth, and that her father remarried. Note that in the first edition, presumably the version closest to its oral sources, Snow-White's jealous antagonist is her own mother, not a stepmother. Also in the edition of 1819, the poisoned apple is dislodged when a servant accidentally stumbles

  • A Futuristic Interview With Romeo of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

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    A Futuristic Interview With Romeo SCENE I: Setting: On the set of ‘Time Voyager', a new television series. Characters: ANN - Announcer ROMEO - Romeo ANN: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome again to this week's edition of Time Voyager. In case this is the first time you have tuned in and are unfamiliar with the concept, let me explain it to you. Modern technology today allows us to go back in time, as you probably know already. We do just that - go back and visit those times and places that had so

  • Samson, Gregory, and the Herdsmen in Romeo and Juliet and Caius Marius

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    their scenes in three different versions of Romeo and Juliet (the Shakepeare edition, the Garrick edition, and Otway’s adaptation, Caius Marius) show the differences in the focus of each version. In the Shakepeare and Garrick versions, the minor characters are Samson and Gregory who appear as the play opens. In Otway’s version, the minor characters are the herdsmen in Act IV. Samson and Gregory in the Shakespeare Edition Samson and Gregory appear in Act I, Scene I of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet