Intervention # 4- Create Support System For New Hires Essay

Intervention # 4- Create Support System For New Hires Essay

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Intervention #4- Create Support System for New Hires
To help anyone in a new environment succeed, support is essential. A healthy work environment is key for support. An environment is a system, the aggregate of conditions, influences, forces, and cultural values that influence or modify an individual 's life in work and in the community. A healthy work environment is an interrelated system of people’s structures and practices that enable nurses to engage in the eight work processes and relationships identified by clinical nurses in Magnet hospitals as essential to providing of quality care to patients in hospitals (Kramer, Brewer, Maguire, 2011). The single most important variable in the perception of a new graduate is a healthy work environment. To help RNs cope with interpersonal and emotional challenges of transition, senior RNs should be present for peer group support sessions (Hoffart et al., 2011)
As stated early, normal orientation for new hires in most nursing areas are 6-12 weeks. This needs to change to a year long extended orientation with organizational support (Varner & Leeds, 2012). Graduate nurses need a support system that will help them in their transition to professional practice and leadership skills that will aid them in the future (Varner & Leeds, 2012).
Outcome of Intervention #4- Create Support System for New Hires
Creating a support system for new hires can help benefit the employer and the new nurse. The new graduates have a role conception, professional autonomy and control over practice, work relations with peers, clinical confidence and performance, job stress, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment. For employers, turnover is decreased, retention is increased,, and return on investment (Hoff...

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...ond knowledge and technical skills is going to improve through positive patient outcomes (Maddox et al, 2014).
In conclusion, the call to lead a nursing team resides in each and every nurse. Finding the model of leadership appropriate for the situation can become difficult. As discussed, transformational leadership is quite different than situational, but both have important uses in different situations. The hiring process was examined from a nurse’s standpoint and six guided interventions including screening RNs behavior, increasing departmental funding for leadership training, initiating nurse residency programs, providing support for new nurses, clinical practice through scenarios and role playing, and creating tools to measure competency will likely help the institution meet its final goal of competent nurses resulting in higher patient satisfaction and outcomes.

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