Essay on Internship Activities Performed Over The Four Month Time Frame

Essay on Internship Activities Performed Over The Four Month Time Frame

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Internship Activities Performed
The internship activities performed over the four month time frame consisted of me doing the following: learning the wellness coach position, finding a way to include nutrition education as a wellness coach, participating in Boot Camp alongside members and offering them nutrition education tips, participating in group exercise classes to understand the member experience, participating in my personal Activetrax workout to understand the member experience, learning marketing by changing billboards and creating my own poster for nutrition, learning about building a circuit exercise routine with Activetrax for members, and assisting with the facility to get ready for new members in January. Each activity is discussed in further detail with resulting deliverables and or products described as follows.
Wellness Coach
At the YMCA the wellness coach is the position that acts as the members go to person for fitness help and any other questions on the upper floor of the facility. Questions I have received from members include: where are the towels, what time and where is a class, where is the elevator, where is the bathroom, where is a particular equipment, various equipment maintenance concerns, what time does the pool close, what time does the facility close, how do you do this exercise in Activetrax, and how do I get involved with the challenge among many others. Along with providing this essential customer service, the wellness coach is available to give facility tours to prospective new members to give them an idea of what to expect from their membership and we help the environmental services department with keeping the facility organized, sanitary, and safe.
The main attraction of the wellness coach...

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...ning workout with the YMCA hours. For me when I started the paper work to set up my workout I chose to devote thirty minutes to the strength exercises. Overall my personal experiences to do both cardio and strength ranged from an hour and twenty minutes to an hour and thirty minutes and there was at least one occasion where I was still doing activities up to almost the last minute the facility was open. On the other hand, there was another time I had to go home to finish the ab exercises, but that was more about me wanting to be more comfortable at home doing exercises than running out of time. My outlook on this experience is that it would be beneficial that wellness coaches and other YMCA staff participate in their own Activetrax workouts, at their pace, just so they can understand the challenges and questions of members and be of better service to members’ goals.

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