Essay on Internet Information Provider

Essay on Internet Information Provider

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Internet Information Provider industry is relatively new, since the Internet was invented in the late 20th century. It has become an essential part of modern world where efficient and timing access to the information plays a crucial role. It is a perfect medium of communication and collaboration, information distribution between individuals and organizations regardless of their locations. Therefore, the Internet Information Provider serves as gateway to information and other Internet activities.
With the Internet's expansion, expectations from Internet users have increased as they increasingly go online. Users now demand Web sites that not only offer credible information but are also updated frequently and are easy to navigate. The most successful companies understand the power these users have, and they take advantage of this to attract and motivate them by offering reliable and convenient products and services. There are different strategies used by the Information Internet providers: Broad market reach and broad product offerings (Yahoo!, AOL), broad market reach and focused product offerings (Google), focused market reach and broad product offerings (priceline, eCampus), and finally focused market reach and focused product offerings (Expedia). However, the separation lines among these types of strategies are quite blurry.
The search engine industry is highly competitive with a few large companies dominating the scene. The current leader in most regions of the world is Google, followed by Yahoo and Aol in Europe and the US and Baidu is even leading them in China. The main revenue source for this industry is advertisement and sponsored searching. If a company wants to appear when some keywords are searched, they should pay a fee...

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...he huge revenues in the online advertisement market and the quick growth of the online community and utility of the internet.
2.3 Company Structure and Revenues by Segment.
According to 10-k report, Google is operating under the following structure:
Advertising 92%
Google websites as % of advertising revenues 71%
Google Network Members’ websites % of advertising revenues 29%
Motorola mobile (hardware and other) 8%
2.4 Products
Google is offering a wide range of products and services for personal use and businesses. The core service Google provides is Web search. Other products are a highly efficient, fast internet browser Google Chrome, Image search, Google Translate, direct search engine for news, blog and scholar search, an auction-based advertising program AdWords, YouTube, Google+, Google Play, Google Drive, Google Wallet, Google Maps, Google Drive, Google Docs,

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