Google Inc: The Financial Analysis Of Google Inc.

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A majority of Google Inc. revenue comes from its advertising services. As a search engine provider (i.e. chrome) it knew that it had access to billions of customers worldwide which businesses want to reach. So it asked the question, “What if we could provide products that allow for better attribution and measurement across screens so that we show great ads for the right people?” (citation). From there came this idea of providing advertisement services to businesses. Its ad services are grouped into Performance advertising and Brand advertising. The performance ads are for users to engage directly with advertisers while brand ads raise awareness about particular brands of product and service. Most of the performance ads are conducted through…show more content…
has tried to make Chromebooks ready for the workplace by making it support systems like Citrix and VMware. It has not had much success getting banks to use it though. In the words of Jeremy Lamb, CTO at Bank of the West, "Our reliance on Microsoft Office is there. We never embraced Google Docs” (citation). Google Inc. offers apps to help get work done faster and easier. They include google docs (word doc), google sheet (excel), google presentation (PowerPoint), google forms to build surveys for free, and google drawings to create charts. All these are stored in one app called google drive. Users can access it on their phones, tablets, and computers. It was launched in 2012 and can be used on MAC, PC, Android, and iOS systems. The popular video streaming app known as YouTube is one of the products of Google Inc. the acquisition of YouTube occurred in 2006. It is not the only product that Google Inc. offers for entertainment. For book lovers, it has an app called Play Book where you can download and read electronic copy of your favorite novels. It also offers Picasa, a photo editing and sharing…show more content…
is aware of the human need to socialize and has capitalized on it by offering apps like google hangout which allows friends, colleagues, and families to video chat with each other. The cool thing about the services and app that Google Inc. provides is their connectivity. When you set up a Gmail account, you automatically have access to google drive, YouTube, play store, maps, and chrome. In its 2014 Annual Report, management described the thought process it uses in developing its apps and services saying, “What if we could develop a smarter email service with plenty of storage? That’s Gmail. What if we could make a simpler, speedier, safer browser? That’s Chrome. What if we could provide easy access to movies, books, music and apps, no matter which device you’re on? That’s Google Play”

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