Essay on Instructionally Focused School Administrator

Essay on Instructionally Focused School Administrator

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An instructionally focused school administrator has several roles and responsibilities in ensuring that they are running an effective school. Schools were created to prepare students for the real world and an effective administrator should have that vision in mind. Their vision should match the school and district mission statements. Consequently, effective teachers and administrators will prepare a successful person for the world, especially in today’s tough economic times. An instructionally focused administrator runs their school with competence and with one goal in mind: That all students will succeed. There are several ways I would ensure that all students are acquiring knowledge and succeeding.
A focused administrator has quite a few priorities and goals. I believe their first priority should be that each and every student in the classroom is learning and acquiring the skills to succeed in life and in the classroom. I would make certain that effective learning is taking place by researching what has been working for students in the past. One way of doing that is by looking at their records and seeing what classes they did well in. If a student had an interest in art, then art could be a way to instruct students in other classes. Students know how they learn best and a good administrator will allow that teacher to continue using those teaching methods in their classrooms. However, if I noticed that a student was struggling with a lesson or concept, then I would offer some suggestions to that teacher to help that student. Some suggestions may be something I have tried as a teacher or suggest a conference for that teacher to help them learn some strategies. Students learn through multiple modalities and these confere...

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...ry student is learning in the classroom by using many teaching strategies. My goal would be to help teachers experiment with teaching methods in the classroom. I realize that this is not an easy task for students, teachers, and administrators with the very many budget cuts that schools and districts are faced with. However, if every effort is made to make sure students and teachers are successfully learning, then I have been effective as an administrator. School administrators, teachers, and students are the heart and soul of all schools. If a school does not have effective principals, teachers, students and staff, chances are the school will fall apart. A good instructional leader provides direction and guidance to a school. An effective administrator is a visionary, a collaborator, an advocate, a facilitator, a role model, innovator, researcher, and scholar.

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