Information That Need Protection From Hackers Essay examples

Information That Need Protection From Hackers Essay examples

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Every organization have sensitive information that need protection from hackers. Many organizations use peer-to-peer sharing application that can increase the risk of data theft. They are many risks related with software security. On this paper, we will be discussing and providing a risk assessment that is related with unauthorized installation of file-sharing software on company computers, including servers, desktops and laptops. This kind of risk can result in the loss of system integrity. Moreover, we will evaluate three technology-based solution that will provide effective protection measures. Lastly, we will show using a matrix the risk associated with unauthorized installation of software on company electronic belongings.
Downloading any unauthorized software on a company electronic can be very dangerous. “They might accidentally choose to share drives or folders that contain sensitive information, or they could save a private file to a shared drive or folder by mistake, making that private file available to others “(Bureau of consumer protection, 2010). This kind of action can open doors to many vulnerabilities and threats that can peril organizations’ sensitive information. In an organization sharing of internal documents via emails is a norm. If untrusted file-sharing software are installed, there is a high chance of getting information hacked. Employees that do not take any precaution when installing any kind of software can lead to installation of spyware, malware, virus, and trojans on the systems. According to Jeff Goldman the survey that was conducted with 308 IT professional in US, 46 percent believed that data is leaked from companies due to use of file sharing products and 84 percent said using file sharing and ...

... middle of paper ... well as detect any policy violation that can be another good security feature for an organization. This can enhance the overall network performance. One disadvantage of DMZ is that it is difficult to properly configure proxies; hence, malicious attacker can gain control of a DMZ compromising internal network.
After analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of different technological based solution against the risk and vulnerabilities associated with peer-peer unauthorized file sharing software, I believe proper installation of updated firewall between router and internet, as well as DMZ is the best solution that can provide great security to an organization resulting in better performance. It will also isolate network segments from outsider who are trying to gain unauthorized access. Moreover, Employees who are violating policy can be apprehended.

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