Influence Of Social Media Marketing

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1. Social media marketing and brand attachment and/or engagement
Chi (2011) defines social media marketing as a “connection between brands and consumers, [while] offering a personal channel and currency for user centered networking and social interaction.” The tools and approaches for communicating with customers have changed greatly with the emergence of social media; therefore, businesses must learn how to use social media in a way that is consistent with their business plan (Mangold and Faulds 2009) the win-win of consumer brand relationship is that consumer derive satisfaction through greater attachment to brands and hat firms that better understand and respond to customer needs to generate mor brand loyalty and profitability. To achieve
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commercial activities are increasingly becoming the part of social media (Liang and Turban, 2011). Apart from branded fan pages and wee established brands’ advertising, these commercial activities are conducted by utilizing the group option on Facebook. Such type of social commerce known as C2C social commerce, which involves one group member as seller and other member as customer (Liang and Turban, 2011). These groups are commonly known as “buy and sell” groups which have may sellers and many buyers (Chen, Su,& Widjaja, 2016).
Hanjli (2014) sated that c2c social commerce gaining rapid growth on social media such as Facebook, Qzone and MySpace etc. the seller (social media user) market or sell any self made items such as hand crafts, homemade food items, second hand items and also act as merchandiser. He also stated that these type of groups are increasing rapidly on social media but researchers are giving very less attention to it.
C2c social commerce has open the new avenue for individual sellers and buy where they can make direct relationships and can communicate directly on social media platforms such as groups and discussion forums etc as these communication channels generate leads to sell the products (Chen, Zhang & Xu,
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Gao et al. (2009) concluded in his research that low self esteem in individuals induce compensatory status consumption. Another research explained that individual with low level of self esteem is filled with sensitivity of self-inadequacy which lead to stress and emotionally in danger (Higgins, 1987). Emotionally susceptible people have low locus of control and adapt impulsive buying behavior (Gifford, 2002). Low locus of control is related to self concept i.e. how a person thinks of herself/himself and this is highly associated with self esteem. Self concept and self esteem are developed by comparing ourselves to others, whom we admire (Sharma et al. 2014; Srivastava and Joshi, 2014). Roberts and Manolis (2012) stated that people exhibits impulsive buying behavior when they succumb to low locus of control.
12. Neuroticism ; CB and IB
People with high neuroticism get prone to have higher level of anxiety and depression however, low level of self esteem (Mikołajczak-Degrauwe et al, 2012).
Individuals with low on neuroticism show calm and self satisfied behavior (Bivens, Gore & Claycomb, 2013) while people with high levels of neuroticism exhibits insecurity, emotional distress, uneven and self worthless behavior (McCrae & John, 1992) which are associated with compulsive buying behavior (Sun & Wu, 2011). Consumers with high
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