Shopping for Birthday Sheds

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All I wanted for my birthday was two brand new plastic storage sheds. One was needed for the yard tools and one for the kids' outdoor toys. I figured it would be safer to store them separately, because I did not really want the children poking around hedge clippers and hatchets just to find a toy. My husband came through and got me the sheds I wanted. I made it a game for the kids to put the toys away: They would open the door and try to throw the toys in from different points in the yard. That works well as long as they remember to shut the door. Now I have to get my husband to put his tools away.

Shed for Yard Gone Wild

While comparing prices of different types of sheds, we found that plastic storage sheds were less expensive than most metal sheds of similar sizes. The heavy molded plastic made these sheds stronger and more durable, which is what we were looking for. The shed was the perfect solution for a yard gone wild with scattered tools, toys and lawn chairs. We love to spend time outside playing with the kids or cooking out, but things tended to stay wherever they landed when we went back inside the house. It is easier now that we have a nice place to put everything, and I no longer fear looking out the back door after a day of play.

Modular Design

I had just about given up on having any type of outdoor building; the wooden one eventually rotted away, and the metal shed rusted so badly it could not be saved. My wife convinced me to at least look at some plastic storage sheds to see if they would last. She was right, because plastic will not rot or rust, so it does not need to have preservatives or paint applied. The heavy duty resin and ultraviolet light resistant polyethylene materials are very strong and will not...

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...s less maintenance than other types of wood, it is a good idea to paint it with a sealer or preservative every two years. Cedar is a little more expensive than other types of wood, but it pays off in the long run with increased durability and weather resistance.

Blue Shed

My husband and I had been looking at wood storage sheds for over a month before deciding on a do it yourself country gable design. We found the easy to read plans on the Internet and ordered the materials it required from the local building supply store. We had to get a permit from the zoning department, but that was fairly easy. My husband and his brother mixed concrete in an old wheelbarrow and poured the foundation slab. They were better at most of the heavy construction work, but I got the job of painting the shed. I painted it blue with white trim to match the house, and it looks wonderful.
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