Essay on Influencing Factors Of Police Brutality

Essay on Influencing Factors Of Police Brutality

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Influencing factors of police brutality is an ongoing problem and an existing concern in the United States of America. Depending on the situation, for instance, if there is a shootout in an area, a hostile situation, or a robbery, police officers can use force to resolve the situation. However, there are situations that don’t require use of excessive force from police like a person getting searched with no lawful reason, a person going for their license and registration while a gun is drawn on that person, or officers just shooting a person because the officer felt their life was in danger; most of these situations leave a person dead. Factors that lead to police brutality are: a person’s race and gender which makes a person more likely to be targeted, excessive force by most police officers seem routine, judges easily dismiss police brutality cases, and because of these factors leading to police brutality people like Colin Kaepernick who plays for the San Francisco 49ers have decided to use their platform to raise awareness of this brutality going on in America. Police brutality is a civic injustice to the people of color in America, and prevents common ground between law enforcement and people of color from being established.
There are key points shown in statistics that a person’s race and gender makes you more likely a target of police brutality. According to the Washington Post, statistics from 2015 calculates that police killed a total of nine hundred and ninety-one people. From those numbers alone the race of those killed by police, four hundred and ninety-five people were white, two hundred and fifty-eight people were black, one hundred and seventy-two people were Hispanic, thirty-eight people were other, and twenty-eight...

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... oppression and decides not standing during the national anthem because there are police officers who are supposed to protect everybody in America but by killing people of color in situations that don’t require a gun, aren’t honoring what the flag represents which are many things but one consisting of justice which police aren’t being prosecuted for their actions against killing innocent people of color instead, they are paid and take a temporary absence from law enforcement. Kaepernick stands by what he believes in which is justice for the oppressed people of color, him refusing to praise the American flag raises the awareness of how people of color have been getting treated from police and the civic injustices towards people of color by police getting away with murder, which prevents common ground between people of color and law enforcement from being established.

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