Essay on Increase in the Number of ADHD Diagnoses

Essay on Increase in the Number of ADHD Diagnoses

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Johnny will not pay attention in class. He is constantly interrupting the teacher when she
is talking. He continues to get up out of his chair without permission. Ms. Brown is at her wits’
end. She is scheduling a conference with Johnny’s parents, as she suspects he has Attention
Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, more commonly known as ADHD.
ADHD is diagnosed as a condition that affects children and adults who exhibit
“inattentiveness, hyperactivity, and impulsive/compulsive behavior (CNN). However, the
diagnosis entails more than this simple explanation. ADHD is a condition that must be evaluated
over time in order to offer a correct diagnosis, because the various symptoms must be present in
various situations (Park). Unfortunately, time is of the essence and there is a sense of rush in
order to rectify the increasing bad behavior. For instance, the above scenario is so common, that
any child who fails to pay attention or seems overly active might be deemed as suffering from
ADHD. When, in essence, the child could very well be exhibiting typical childhood behavior
that could be channeled through more engaging activities.
Interestingly, the symptoms of ADHD are just as varied as the causes of ADHD. Even so,
some parents may end up feeling that their parenting skills are not on par with other parents of
well-behaved children. Many times this is not the case, at all. In fact, the occurrence of ADHD,
quite possibly, has more to do with genetics, than other outside factors (CNN). With that being
said, “altered brain function and anatomy; heredity; maternal smoking, drug use, and exposure to
toxins; childhood exposure to environmental toxins and; food additives” are all possible causes
of ADHD (CNN).

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...e) and discipline them properly,
the incidence of this increase in diagnoses may decrease. But, unfortunately, our generation
seeks instant gratification, requiring immediate correction when time is of the essence; not
wanting to wait it out and see if the children are able to develop in to well-behaved individuals.
Again, the children suffer the most. ADHD has dramatically risen in diagnoses, whether it is a
true diagnosis remains to be seen.

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