The Importance Of Organizational Behavior And Attitude Essays

The Importance Of Organizational Behavior And Attitude Essays

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Organizational behavior is important to many organizations because it helps management understand their employees’ attitude as well as behavior while they interact with one and other at the work place. There are several aspects of organizational behavior and attitude is one that can hinder and help job performance. In the past, organizations were defined almost exclusively by the products produced or the services provided. This has changed a great deal over the years. They are now defined by the way they provide their products and services. Attitude plays a major role in and outside of the workplace as it does in most aspects in everyday life.
The goal of nearly every company or organization is to motivate those involved towards a unified vision and or goal. When an organization is able to identify the major individual variables that influence work behavior, they can offer an atmosphere that is healthy. Typically, all organizations experience the direct relationship between job satisfaction, and performance. In an effort to maximize the performance of staff within a system it is important to develop an optimal interpersonal chemistry. In order to be most effective, leaders in an organization must have a clear understanding of their employees, their attitudes, and furthermore what makes their attitude either positive or negative. It is important for leaders to learn what makes their employees “tick” in an effort to improve the workplace. On the other hand, it is important to give employees incentives for their good behavior as well.
It is no secret that attitudes play a huge role in the workplace. Attitudes are made up of 3 different components; behavioral, cognitive, affective (McLeod, 2009). The cognitive piece asses what is hap...

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...very department in the organization would function perfectly. Unfortunately this is not the case specifically due to human behavior and attitudes.
Organizational Behavior is a great tool that can be used to improve the workplace. There are various challenges faced and even more opportunities for organizational behavior to assist workers in improving the workplace as a whole, people skills, productivity, and customer service. Understanding and taking time to learn and educate one’s self is how attitudes develop and affect behavior is a key component to organizational Behavior. The bottom line is that the more tuned into the needs of its employees, the more successful a company is likely to become. A company will absolutely benefit a great deal so long as employees and management alike are able to control and monitor their attitudes for the appropriate situation.

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