Importance Of Of The 6cs ' Compassion And Communication Are Exhibited Through The Delivery Of Palliative Care

Importance Of Of The 6cs ' Compassion And Communication Are Exhibited Through The Delivery Of Palliative Care

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This essay will distinguish and discuss the importance of how two elements of ‘The 6Cs’ compassion and communication are exhibited through the delivery of palliative care to patients. In addition to this the assignment will explore conflicting information on the opinions of the two concepts, and develop a detailed conclusion with the materials and research displayed within the context. The 6Cs are care, communication, competence, commitment, courage and compassion. The purpose for The 6Cs coming into force for all healthcare staff was behind the Francis report developed and published in 2013 based on the Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust happenings. The collapse in the system lead to severe failings of the trust board, and resulted in patients being given inadequate care, and prevented from standing at the heart of the service. This was due to a lack of understanding and listening to both patients and staff on the deficiencies brought to the attention of the trust (Francis, 2013).

Effective Communication is a vital trait possessed by healthcare staff, this consents staff to successfully identify a patient as an individual and as a whole, and provide a full holistic approach to care. (Rankin,2013) states that The 6Cs consist of important qualities that nurses and healthcare staff should portray in the way that they work. Displaying these classifications helps to aid staff in the building of relationships, and signifies how they can effectively relate to their patients and colleagues. Evidence suggests that there are several barriers which can prohibit communication being received accurately. These factors comprise of physical, perceptual, emotional, cultural, language, gender and interpersonal barriers (Williams,2001). Communication hu...

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... and respected instead of discouraged and anxious when treatment and care isn 't discussed with them. Providing compassionate care enhances the end of life care experiences for patients. Research by Goodrich and Cornwell (2008) demonstrated within the assignment that by providing a good level of curriculum in compassionate care educates staff on how to develop a way of delivering meaningful care. This enables patients to feel a sense of satisfaction with the care they have received or are in-receipt of. The outcome of the whole assignment represents that adequate communication and compassion training enhances the level of care given to patients by healthcare staff. In addition the assignment provides evidence that without developing a curriculum for providing good compassionate care and how to communicate effectively faults are presented in the distribution of care.

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