The Importance Of Mental And Emotional Wellbeing Essay

The Importance Of Mental And Emotional Wellbeing Essay

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In the medical field, particularly nursing, our main goal/focus is to get the patient to a well or functional state of being. This is popularly believed as the absence of physical disease when in reality it is the wellness of the physical body, mind, and spirit all together. Some health care workers tend to negate the utter importance of a healthy mind as well as a healthy body for the patient and the nurse to achieve healthcare goals. Since the nurse in particular is the person that spends the most time with the patient and has the most patient interaction, this should be predominately implemented by the nurse. There are many different ways the nurse may aid in tending to a patient’s psychological and emotional needs in addition to physical. These may include a simple healing touch, energy therapy, active listening, role-modeling through personal endeavors, or referencing the patient to an organization or person of specialty in the area of need. Many more ways of implementing mental and emotional wellbeing may be found in various resources.
According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in the figure above, physiological needs that are necessary for life come before psychological and emotional support. Having said that, it is understandable why physiological needs are a priority of health-care; though that gives no reason why emotional needs should be neglected. Looking at the hierarchy, a person may not reach the point of self-actualization without incorporating body, mind, and emotional health with holistic care. This is contrary to solely treating physical ailments. Even observing at hospitals, discharge is based on the patient’s physical improvement without incorporating emotional and psychological needs. Understandably, physician...

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... needs are not neglected.
The main focus of writing this paper is to possibly shed a light on the importance of aspects other than physical health for our patient’s wellbeing. There are many resources and studies showing how great of an impact holistic approach on healthcare exceeds traditional allopathic healthcare, in terms of a greater recovery for patients. Healthcare workers (especially nurses) should have a balanced ratio of patients to be able to meet all the need of the patients. Often mental and emotional needs are neglected because they cannot be shown through a CBC, a CT scan, or other definite diagnostic tests. The fact that they cannot be seen should not disaffirm the magnitude of effects on physical wellbeing. I believe if more time is given and dedicated to fulfilling a patient’s holistic needs, we will see a greater health improvement in all aspects.

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