Metaparadigms Of Nursing Essay

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Four Metaparadigms of Nursing “A metaparadigm refers to a common communication, a common set of concepts, common understanding of these concepts, a common cognitive mind set and a common view of the discipline by a community of scholars within the field” (Wagner, 1986, p. 7). A metaparadigm is the foundation to the nursing profession, which can be used as a guide by nurses like me in making clinical judgment. There are four mataparadigms that are relevant to nursing practice- person, environment, health and nursing.
The person component of the metaparadigm describes the individual, family, or community in need of health care. It also lays emphasis on the client’s social, spiritual and physical demands. The nurse’s aim when interacting
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“Nursing is the process by which the nurse seeks to understand his or her client’s unique model of the world and try to help a person with their self-care activities in relation to their health”( Sheila, 1990, p. 3). It is the intervention or the plan that a nurse or a health care provider and a patient implement in order to return to wellness. I am a nurse who is very kind and caring. I allow my patients to just sit and talk about their feelings, letting them know that they will never be judged. Through trust, my patients accept their treatment in order to get well and go…show more content…
152). EBP has inspired nurses to acknowledge the significance of theory and research and utilize it to their area of practice. Through strong educational foundation and advanced practice, APN is able to comprehend the relationship between research, theory and EBP and utilize it in providing quality care to patients. Best research evidence is indispensable, as nurses nowadays use pragmatic evidence in practice and not just previous experiences or beliefs (Chinn, & Kramer, 2011). Evidence based practice has been proven to upgrade patient outcomes, reduce health care expenses, and cause increased patient and provider satisfaction. By using evidence-based care and theories, patients are given proper assessment and treatment without wasting valuable money and supplies on testing and procedures that are not

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