Importance of Caring Nursing Practices

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What is Caring?

Caring can be described in many different ways. One demonstration of caring is when a nurse at a hospital helps those who are physically ill become well again. Caring also practices involvement in the connection, mutual recognition and involvement between nurse and client. "The Community Health Nursing: Caring in Action” (1999) defines “those assistive, enabling, supportive, or facilitative behaviors toward or for another individual or group to promote health, prevent disease, and facilitate healing”(p.6). Another definition from another author such as (Harkreader, 2000) wrote, sees caring as a universal behaviour observed in human beings and influenced by Society, culture, values and gender”(p.1450). Thus, nurses would certainly agree that caring is important in everyday life.

Why is Caring Important to Nursing

Nurses are an equally important part of each client’s life. Nurses provide stable care to each client, answers their questions, gives medications and treatments, and assists with medical procedures. They also have the responsibility to explain to clients and family members what they should and should not do as they go through treatment and recovery. Nurses must quickly respond to patients needs. Every individual nurse has his or her own unique way of caring. There are so many ways to show caring that the possibilities are never ending. Nurse’s support, comfort, and help allow the patients to recover to the best of their ability. Their experiences in dealing with different patients that have unique situations on a daily basis helps the nurses become better caregivers. Therefore, every nurse is capable of demonstrating care in their respective environments.

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...emonstrate caring by being with the patient and ensuring that they feel comfortable in their environment. By showing that you care help to change their life for the better. Nurses are an equally important part of each client’s life.


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