The Importance Of Firearms On Americ The Importance Of Firearms Essay

The Importance Of Firearms On Americ The Importance Of Firearms Essay

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The Importance of Firearms in America
One piece of innovative technology that helped revolutionize America, is that of a firearm. Firearms consist of different variations, but in early days there were few and they were all hand crafted. Firearms have been the ultimate weapon since their invention. Whenever Samuel Colt patented the revolver, he was not yet twenty-three. A decade after he received his patent, rumors of the revolvers got around from them being used by Texas Rangers.
According to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “Captain Samuel H. Walker of the U.S. Army worked with Colt on improved designs for the guns and ordered 1,000 of the new model, which Colt dubbed the “Walker” pistol”(“Lemelson-MIT Program”) . Colt had a larger order to fill, but he lacked a factory to manufacture that many revolvers. Colt then reached out Eli Whitney, Jr., the son of the cotton gin inventor. Whitney Jr. was the owner of a factory in Connecticut, and Colt knew the place would work for the assignment. The order was finally done around 1847 (“Lemelson-MIT Program”). This not only helped their business, but it also aided the military and led to be an example for future use. I had considered choosing telephones, computers, or engine developments, but I felt that the firearm covers a longer time span and that firearms were the physical tools used to bring independence to the american colonies. This country would still have been able to function without the other inventions, but firearms have not only saved and taken lives of humans, but they have allowed man to kill wild animals for food. These arms can be purchased at places like Wal-Mart, so they are easily obtained for citizens.
The government has continued to invest in the produ...

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...oday. There would not be the United States. If they had not come about, I believe that bows would have had many more alterations like the crossbow and rapid fire bow. As guns continue to improve, I believe that in the far future, that lases will be used instead of bullets. Although guns did allow for a greater expansion of the states, but it did also create hostile environments. Revolvers and repeaters paved the path for what was known as the wild west. The U.S. military has invested more and more in weaponry, increasing technology and innovation in the arms field. The U.S. now has that can be equipped with things like grenade launchers, laser sights, and even heart beat sensors. Research is going to continue, and more developments will be made in the future. As long as war and crime are possibilities, firearms will be kept around in the United States.

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