Animal Dilemma

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Every year there are tens of millions of animals like rats, dogs, birds, and farm animals that are killed to discover new information on medical discoveries, product testing, and for educational purposes. Many believe animal testing is inhumane because just like humans, animals feel pain as well, but others believe we should not treat animals as moral equals. However, in the recent years there have been new products introduced to decrease the use of animal testing or even possibly completely stopping it. Using animals for medical experimentation, product testing, and education is a controversial subject that often leads to a large argument. While the problems can go into detail, the suffering involved in animal experimentation is painfully clear. Every year there are tens of millions of animals that die in federally and privately funded experiments. A projected 90 percent of all animals used in research are rats and mice, and many other species including guinea pigs, dogs, cats, rabbits, nonhuman primates, and farm animals are killed every year to animal testing. (UGA) The experimentation of animals and testing has not stopped because it is not the most accurate or reliable means of research, but because of the tradition, peer pressure, and large amounts of funding from those with strong invested interests into the business. (UGA) The people that support animal testing dispute that without testing many of the medications and procedures that we have today wouldn’t exist and research and growth in the medical field would be very restricted. For scientists and researchers to be able to work on animals, they have made some great discoveries. Surgery on animals has helped in development of organ transplants and open-heart surgery te... ... middle of paper ... in science : AAVS. Web. 14 Dec. 2009. . "Animal Experimentation: Debatabase - Debate Topics and Debate Motions." IDEA: International Debate Education Association - Debate Resources & Debate Tools. Web. 16 Dec. 2009. . "Animal Testing and Ethics." Santa Clara University - Welcome. Web. 16 Dec. 2009. . "Animal Testing." Northern Virginia Community College. Web. 14 Dec. 2009. . "Does animal testing work? - By Arthur Allen -." Slate Magazine. Web. 14 Dec. 2009. . "Speak Out for Species (S.O.S) - Animals Used in Experiments and Testing." University of Georgia. Web. 14 Dec. 2009. .

In this essay, the author

  • Argues that animal testing is inhumane because animals feel pain, but new products have been introduced to decrease it or stop it.
  • Explains that the interagency coordinating committee on the validation of alternative methods (iccvam) has accepted six alternative methods and recommended them for use to testing.
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