The Negative Effects Of Animal Testing

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Animal cruelty is something that is overlooked in society, partly due to lack of knowledge, and partly due to human arrogance. People do not let themselves believe the fact that animals are being tortured for their own benefit. Taking advantage of nature, humans are enforcing their strength to further their own species at the expense of other species. As it is now, animal experimentation causes adverse effects, which outweigh the potential benefits which come of it. A change in the focus of the experimentation could solve the problem of unnecessary torture while still capturing the advantages. The discomfort that surrounds this topic is a main reason a consensus cannot be reached. People do not want to imagine the animals they see running…show more content…
The reason being that a new discovery in the field of cosmetics does not have nearly the same social importance as a discovery in the medical field. Many organizations have called for a complete stop of this type of cosmetic testing (Leepson). Testing of this type is viewed by many as plain torture. Many sizeable companies understand the public’s view towards animal testing and are beginning to either stop or dial back the amount of testing (Leepson). Also, the companies are lessening the testing because they do not want to diminish their reputation with this type of behavior, and want to be viewed as socially conscious. A quote that speaks volumes and shows how the public perceives animal experimentation is “...tens and millions of rats, cats, dogs, primates, and other animals are in effect tortured to test the safety of new consumer products” (Masci). This type of testing is unnecessary, purely based on the amount that are being tortured. The testing of consumer products has no beneficial effect to society. It only helps the wealthy and selfish ensure that they will not lose any money due to a bad…show more content…
There have been debates on whether or not animal experimentation contributes enough to society to be worth the pain that animals go through (Clemmitt). Monkeys, cats, and dogs are being killed and tortured while science has yet to find a breakthrough discovery over the decades it has been happening. Even with this type of testing there is still alternative methods that would fulfill the needs of science (Leepson). However, these alternatives are not being accepted by the testing institutions. A respected doctor in the field, Dr. Elias Zerhouni, says “The problem is that [animal testing] hasn’t worked, and it’s time we stopped dancing around the problem … We need to refocus and adapt new methodologies for use in humans to understand disease biology in humans” (PETA). With this knowledge, it is hard to condone the actions of the experimenters, who are torturing the same types of animals you have at home, the animals you call your best friends. The new technology available is said to be more beneficial to human health, and includes testing with human cells and tissue (PETA). No matter the animal, animals have a life and that life is not destined to be only one existing in a cage. Driven insane by the drugs that are being forcefully admitted these animals have no
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