Automatic Essays

  • The Pros And Cons Of Automatic Firearms

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    The crashing of glass awoke young, twenty-year-old gun owner in the middle of the night. He hurdled out of bed and went for his automatic rifle. As he opened his bedroom door, a man with bloodshot eyes stood in his hall barreling toward him. The homeowner puts the sights on the man and fires once with no effect. The homeowner then fires twelve more times before the colossal, bloodshot eyes burglar goes down. The man, shaking in his shoes, calls the police knowing that if he didn’t have that rifle

  • W. B. Yeats, George Hyde-Lees, and the Automatic Script

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    Hyde-Lees, and the Automatic Script In his biography of Yeats, Richard Ellmann remarks that "Had Yeats died instead of marrying in 1917, he would have been remembered as a remarkable minor poet who achieved a diction more powerful than that of his contemporaries but who, except in a handful of poems, did not have much to say with it" (Ellmann 223). Yet with his marriage to Georgie Hyde-Lees on October 21st, 1917, a vast frontier of possibility opened before Yeats, and through the automatic writing of

  • Compare And Contrast Manual Car And Automatic Car

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    Automatic or manual car, which is a better choice for me? How do they work? Which one should I buy? Why? I’m sure these are questions you have asked yourself when searching for the new car that you’re inspired to buy. Both, an automatic and a manual car make great vehicles to get you from point A to point B. An appropriate choice depends on the car owner. If you’re driving to the city, sitting in traffic all the time, an automatic car may be better for you, although long commutes use a great deal

  • Difference Between Automatic And Manual Transmission

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    rivalry between automatic and manual transmissions When buying a new car you always hear the option of do you want a manual or automatic transmission, most people will always chose automatic, for the simple fact that it is easier and safer to drive. Ever since the automatic transmission was made, the market for manual transmissions has gone down dramatically in passenger cars and light vehicles. Most would agree that the sibling rivalry between automatic and manual transmissions

  • Persuasive Essay On Automatic Cars Advantages And Disadvantages

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    Shift Manual transmission versus automatic transmission, the age old debate of their merits and benefits. Today, automatic cars have become nearly ubiquitous, decreasing the amount of people who feel it necessary to learn to drive manual. Once upon a time, being able to drive a manual transmission car was seen as a sense of pride, but today it is not regarded as such. Driving manual can be a very useful life skill due to the fact that it helps with a variety of things; such as gas mileage, repair

  • Case Study: Automatic Data Processing

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    ADP AUTOMATIC DATA PROCESSING BY SYEDA HUSSAIN MGMT300, JANIS DIETZ. ADP, Automatic Data Processing was founded in 1949 by a business man from New Jersey, named Henry Taub. During this time the company we known by Automatic Payroll Inc. The first account the company landed was New Era Dye and Finishing, both business resided in New Jersey. In 1958, the name was changed and finalized to Automatic Data Processing, and incorporated new technology such as punch card machines to time stamp hours

  • Automatic Parallelization Approach Based on Java Virtual Machine

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    We propose a new approach that automatically parallelizes Java programs. The approach collects on-line trace information during program execution, and dynamically recompiles methods that can be executed in parallel. We also describe a cost/benefit model that makes parallelization decisions, as well as a parallel execution environment to execute parallelized code. We implement these techniques upon Jikes RVM. And finally, we evaluate our approach by parallelizing sequential benchmarks and comparing

  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ALPR)

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    Abstract Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) is the method of extraction of vehicle number plate information from an image or a sequence of images. The extracted data can be used in many applications, such as toll booths and vehicle parking areas where payment can be done electronically and traffic surveillance systems. The images are taken by the ANPR systems using either a color , black and white or an infrared camera, depending on which different techniques are applied for extraction of

  • Persuasive Essay On Why People Should Drive Automatic

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    Bradley White Miss Royse English 4 8 March 2015 People Should Drive Automatic Manual cars are slowly starting to automatically fade away. In today’s society it seems that there is not really a use for manuals anymore. Some of the only few uses for manual transmissions anymore is racing. Besides that, there isn’t really a use for them. It just seems to be that they are a thing of the past. It just seems like they are a thing of the past. Let’s be real here, manuals are basically gone. Nobody

  • Firearms

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    you pull out every single shell, or the chamber is shifted left and emptied by pushing on the special rod in the front (i.e. “Colt” or “Smith-Wesson”). Revolvers are also divided into manual and automatic ones. In the manual revolver you have to draw back the firing lever each time to make a shot, in automatic it moves back itself, each time you pull on the trigger. Pistol – The main difference between revolvers and pistols it that the revolvers use the muscular force of the shooter to recharge, and

  • The Automatic Millionaire

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    In the first four chapters of The Automatic Millionaire, David Bach recounts his experience with the McIntyres, the first couple to become automatic millionaires. While most people think that becoming a millionaire requires strenuous planning, a six figure income, or an inheritance, Bach shows how easily an average middleclass person can amass wealth. Bach goes onto explain how anyone can gain financial independence and accumulate millions of dollars by setting aside small amounts of money daily

  • Is the Colt .45 Obsolete?

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    changes being made to the original design, and only minor modifications were incorporated then, such as an automatic firing pin locking safety and a redesigned half-cock notch. It is a proven design and there is nothing newfangled about it. Colt Firearms had a long and profitable relationship with John Browning, which included his machine guns as well as the world-famous Colt .45 automatic pistol. In 1899, John Browning had devised an auto-loading pistol using a locked-breech, tilting-barrel design

  • Drinking and Driving Offences

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    up objects. The penalty of the first offences is a fine of $50.00 to $2000.00 and/or imprisonment of up to six months, and automatic suspension of licence for 3 months. The second offence penalty is imprisonment for 14 days to 1 year and automatic suspen- sion of licence for 6 months. The third offence penalty is imprisonment 2 for 3 months to 2 years (or more) and automatic suspension of licence for six months. These penalties are the same for the following offences. "Having Care and Control of

  • Reading And Its Impact On Education

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    process. The subskill theory approach to reading is one that has been around for a long time, and is based on instructional strategies to teach letter-sound relationships, sight words and decoding skills (among others), until the reading act becomes automatic. Comprehension does play a role in this theory, but it is a small role, in my opinion. I know this system works, because it is the way I was taught to read. I believe it is vital for young children to understand the relationship between sound and

  • Attentional Interference in Relation to the Stroop Effect

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    Interference and facilitation are two important aspects of automatic processes. Interference refers to the range to which one process encumbers performance of another, whereas facilitation indicates the extent to which one process assists performance of another. Through practice and maturation, reading progresses from a controlled process to one that is automatic, lessening the demands on attentional resources. Stroop reported one of the first studies, which provided support for this, in 1935. He

  • Free Narrative Essays - Dodging Bullets

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    practice. I really don't know why we called it hunting, because we didn't have an idea exactly what we were hunting for. We had forty acres of my backyard to do our merciless killing of defenseless animals. We were two ignorant kids with semi-automatic and lever-action .22 caliber rifles. As we strolled into the woods to see what terror we could create for the creatures of the forest, we noticed a large abundance of squirrels.  They seemed to be dancing around as if they were gathering there

  • My Lucky Paintball Shirt: Journal Entry

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    A t-shirt sits in my closet that brings back a certain for me. It’s a gray “Nike” shirt with a faded pink stain in the center of the chest. I always wear this same shirt every time I play paintball even though it’s too small. It’s my good luck shirt. I can remember when this same old shirt was relatively new……….. It was a hot humid morning when a few friends and myself drove into the parking lot of my favorite paintball field. We unpacked the car and found an unoccupied picnic table under the

  • Narcissistic Personality Disorder

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    unique and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people (or institutions) requires excessive admiration has a sense of entitlement, (example, unreasonable expectations of especially favorable treatment or automatic compliance with his or her expectations) is interpersonally exploitative, (example, takes advantage of others to achieve his or her own ends lacks empathy: is unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others is often envious

  • Automatic Thoughts

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    as heart disease and clients experiencing ineffective psychological adaptation. The nurse should encourage the parents to gradual decrease the response when the positive reinforcement is withheld. Automatic thoughts are often negative thoughts that occur impulsively, with invalid logic. Automatic thoughts become problematic because the person often embellishes the negative thoughts without consideration to a possible positive outcome of the situation. Didactic (Educational) Aspects In this component

  • The Last Question by Isaac Asimov

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    civilization. It explored the technological advancements that will probably occur many years from now. But even if man had developed ways to make things "happen", a question was never answered until man and all other forms disappeared except the AC (automatic computer). "The Last Question" explored the scientific possibilities of life and showed us that even if we have attained the highest technological possibility there is, in this universe nothing can last forever. But with the helped of computers,