Compare Democrats And Republicans

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Comparing Democrats and Republicans The Democrat Party’s and Republican Party’s ideologies and beliefs differ greatly from one another on all different issues. Their political cultures, which are defined as “the set of values, beliefs, and attitudes within which a political system operates” (Moten, 40) are very different from one another. They argue and disagree on issues that range from how the economy and the government should be run, to social issues such as gay marriage and abortion. I intend to compare the cultures of each political party, and in the process of doing so, show what issues both parties stand for and what they are against. As far as party philosophies go, the Democratic Party is a party that leans to the left, or is left wing. They are also called liberals and are usually argue for a bigger, more involved government that tackles issues ranging from law enforcement, to defense, to providing for the people who are unable to provide for themselves. They argue that the poor or those living in poverty should be able to count of the government to help them survive. Left-wing politics are political positions that accept or support social equality. They are often opposed to social hierarchy and social inequality. Democrats, although not Socialists, believe in Socialism oriented ideas. They believe that people who are living in poverty should be helped by the government assistance programs such as unemployment welfare, food stamps, government provided universal healthcare, and social security checks after a person has retired. Democrats usually support lower tax rates on the lower classes and higher tax rates on the upper classes. Republicans are the party that leans to the right, and are often referred to a... ... middle of paper ... ...automatic firearms that would usually be utilized by the military and some police forces, and reducing the amount of ammunition that an ammunition magazine can hold. On the topic of gun control Democrats have met a lot of resistance from Conservatives and the Republican Party. The Republican Party cites their belief that gun control and the measures that have been proposed by the Democrats would be in violation of their Second Amendment rights, which states they have “the right to bear arms.” Republicans often argue that they have the right to possess firearms as a means to protect their property and family. As for the topic of the military, the Republicans want to increase the budget of the military, they cite national defense a reason why this should be done, and are more likely of the two parties to send troops to other countries that are undergoing conflict.
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