The Importance of Color in Web Design Essay

The Importance of Color in Web Design Essay

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Color is very important in web design. This is because when you invite someone over to your house you want them to not only see but to feel the vibe of the room or house itself. If the house is very appealing then you would want to visit it again, but if it wasn’t then you wouldn’t want to visit the house again. This goes along with websites perfectly! If a website is poorly designed or poorly colored then why would you want to come back? Another example going with the house idea is about the content that must match with the colors. If the house’s style is very modern but the colors are not modern, wouldn’t this be very strange to look at? Then again, why would you want to come visit again? Website have certain information, which absolutely need certain colors.

When you think of a hospital you really don’t want to see black and intense red. This would draw a scary picture instead of a picture that shows comfort and clarity. Using white for hospitals shows that the hospital is clean, and sterile. White is understood as “White is often associated with purity, cleanliness, and virt...

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