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  • Symbolism Of The Red Colour

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    ymbolism of the red color Red as a synonym for beauty In the Russian language red –красный and beautiful - красивый are cognates. They derive from the same root крас-. Precisely in this sense the word is used in a variety of idioms and in the language of folklore: красный молодец, красна девица, красный денек. Red as a symbol of love Red is the color of passion, romantic feelings. It has this meaning on its own as well as in combination with other symbols. Red roses and red heart, for example,

  • Red Carnation Essay

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    CARNATION slovenian: NAGELJ [nág|elj] is widely cultivated in Slovenia and red carnation in particular is considered the national flower. The formal name for carnation,dianthus, comes from Greek for "heavenly flower" Red carnation is often embroidered as part of national costume. National folk song clearly states symbol od red carnation: love and blood as a symbol of life so it was often given to young women from men. Carnation together with heart is esential element of Slovenian national decor

  • Analysis of Red, Green, and Murder

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    Red, Green, or Murder In Posadas County, New Mexico, a retired sheriff by the name of Bill Gastner gets caught in thing that he would have never thought. He knows two things about humans - most criminals aren’t as smart as they think they are and humans are highly predictable. Gastner was suppose to have lunch with George Payton but instead he found himself racing to meet up with an ambulance because his neighbor Dale Torrance lands on the wrong side of his horses hoofs. Returning from the hospital

  • Red Wine

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    Red Wine The French Paradox is something many people today are getting quite familiar to. Studies have suggested a close relationship between the moderate consumption of red wine and a healthy heart. This phenomenon goes under the name French Paradox because although the French eat as much saturated fat as Americans, they seem to enjoy better overall cardiovascular health. Even though these studies show that polyphenols, which is in red wine, can help your heart, blood circulation, and many other

  • The Red Scare

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    First and Second Red Scare of the United States paved the way for a long standing fear of communism and proved to be one of America’s largest periods of mass hysteria. Throughout the years authors and analysts have studied and formed expository albeit argumentative books and articles in an attempt to further understand this period of time; the mindset held during this period however is shown to be completely different compared to now. Major and still important was the First Red Scare stemming from

  • The Red Panda

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    panda, its a raccoon., its the red panda! The red Panda is a cute furry animal with a feisty look in its eye. The Red Panda is related to the Giant Panda and looks and has similar characteristics to the street raccoon. The scientific name for the Red Panda in Ailurus fulgens. Red Pandas are endangered creatures with their habitats slowly disappearing. Red Pandas have similar characteristics to raccoons. Red Pandas don’t eat very much for their size. Physical Description Red Pandas are very much like raccoons

  • red scare

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    coming to the United States. But everyone was wrong. An ideological war which prompted mass paranoia known as the Red Scare had spread through the US. It began in 1919 and ended in 1921. Red Scare was the label given to the actions of legislation, the race riots, and the hatred and persecution of "subversives" and conscientious objectors during that period of time. At the heart of the Red Scare was the conscription law of May 18, 1917, which was put during World War I in order for the armed forces to

  • The Red Panda

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    With a population of less than 10,000 the red panda is listed vulnerable on the endangered species list. “The red panda has small cat like features but markings like a panda or a raccoon (Bearlife). “The red panda lives in Asia its habitat ranges include central China, Nepal, Myanmar, and Bhutan (Bearlife).”Reasoning for red pandas becoming endangered is habitat destruction. “Once living in many parts of Asia, the red panda is now confined to parceled territories that collectively are a fraction

  • Red Wolves

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    Red wolves are an important species to our environment there are numerous facts about native, North American species. One fact is the wolves’ physical characteristics. Secondly the interesting history and survival of the animal is another interesting fact. Third of all, the fact of the amazing habitat of the red wolf. The final fact is the threat to their existence. The first fact of the red wolves is their physical characteristics. These wonderful looking animals are not as large as one might think

  • The Red wheelbarrow"

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    “The Red Wheelbarrow” For a small poem, “The Red Wheelbarrow,” by William Carlos Williams, has a great meaning behind it. This poem uses images, symbolism, and form to get the entire picture of the poem across. Meyers defines images, ”as a word, phrase, or figure of speech that addresses the senses, suggesting mental pictures of sight and sounds, smells, tastes, feelings or actions.” (Meyer 1593). Symbolism is, “ a person, object, image, word, or event that evokes a range of additional meaning beyond