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In the art and the anthropology, the avatar chromaticity colors indicate the use of colors as a symbol in all cultures. Psychological chromatography refers to the effect of color on human behavior and emotions, as distinct from light indications. Moreover, avatar colorimetric and the color psychology are based on the cultural links with varying according to the era, place, and culture. In fact, one of the colors can have many symbols as well as different psychological effects in the same place. Broadly, the avatar colorimetric is a continuous field of ongoing studies relies on a wide range of anecdotal evidence heritage and also the scientific researches. Furthermore, no one has asked him/herself why he/she prefers a special color and the response is that according to the research, because the colorful dresses enhance your mood and lead to the atmosphere of fun, in contrast to the dark colors which indicate some of inwardness and sensitivity.
In this interesting topic of the psychology of colors, the most crucial pattern is the meaning of each color and his impact on the individual as it is represented as the following:
White: from the moody side we find that the color strongly influences the introduction of feelings of calm, peace and tranquility on people; you might have noticed that the clothes of a doctor are white! This is because of the severe impact on the soul which enters them to feel safe and happy. So, if someone is in a position which leads to anger, he/she should try to look at anything beside the color white for the period between 3 minutes to 5 minutes to find him/herself and consequently it will dominate his/her feelings of calm . on the other curative side, according to many researches, different treatment of jau...

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...he digestion and stimulates the respiratory system and for those who suffer from fatigue at work or home because these colors are resistant to drowsiness.
Red: this color psychologically helps in getting rid of inactivity, laziness, a sense of permanent fatigue, and also stress. Moreover it gives a tendency to sleep for long periods of time which means it is generally a catalyst and stimulant for the body. On another case, it increases the heart rate, respiration rate, and the brain activity. And it helps also to cure the disease of impotence and frigidity.
Colors are a part of our daily lives. Psychologists have shown that they have a negative and positive effect on the behavior and personality of individuals in terms of psychology and spirit. Therefore, people must keep in mind to choose the right colors in clothes, flowers and objects in their houses and so on.

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