The Importance Of Becoming A Teacher, And Students Benefit As Well Essays

The Importance Of Becoming A Teacher, And Students Benefit As Well Essays

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Many people on this earth grow up saying they would like to make a difference in this world. However, half of those people do not feel like putting in the work in order to do so. As an elementary education major, making a difference is one of the main goals. There are many benefits of becoming a teacher, and students benefit as well. In order to have many students successfully graduate from one grade to the next a teacher should be willing to put in as much work that is needed. Elementary school is where children are set up for the rest of their education. It is important to understand how to go into this career field, becoming a teacher has its own benefits, and the children are able to benefit from teachers.
How to get into the education field:
Becoming a teacher takes more work than one may think. Each state holds extremely different rules in order to obtain a teaching license. When graduating from an education program there is a test that is needed to be taken that is called the praxis. When passing the test a teaching license is then received. Every state is different it is important to look into a state 's requirements, according to Echaore-McDavid,“Licensure requirements vary from state to state. Public school teachers may need to complete continuing education units and, eventually, a master’s degree for licensure renewal” (Echaore-McDavid). Each state has its own test for a teaching license. A teacher must take the state 's test in order to get their license for that state before teaching in it.
In order to get a job in a school some experience is needed. Experience takes on a big role in landing a job in a career, according to Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center in an article titled Elementary School Teachers, “There are ...

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...are incapable of teaching their students. All this situation calls for is a more determined teacher who is willing to deal with a large number of students. In the end it would be better for schools to have more determined teachers anyway.
In conclusion, it is important to understand how to become an elementary education teacher. Understanding how is important because there are many steps needed to be taken in order to become a teacher. Obtaining a license is different in every single state. It is also beneficial for one to become an elementary teacher as well. Not only does a teacher get all of the holidays off, they also start out with a high salary. Having a high salary to start off with is very beneficial because then you are having a steady income. With a steady income it includes money for bills, food, and other necessities, with some spending money left over.

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