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The United States is a never-ending battleground for issues to fester. We as a group of people seem to only be happy when we are unhappy, and everything is open for conversation of improvement. Others can classify our society’s constant need for change and enhancement, as a curse or a blessing. Nonetheless, the education system in the United States is always a hot topic for people to discuss, as it has not been a success with all of its parties. Yet we strive for perfection as a society and as we do, we look at the groups of people that control the decisions made that influence the masses of students that progress through the system. Who can we blame? Is it the teachers union? Or, are the administrators failing these children? How about the school board? Well if it’s not any of these groups it has to be the government, right? Well, I’m not here to point fingers at who’s not making the right decisions; I’m here to discuss who is best suited to make the decisions that affect the masses. It’s easy to point out where the problem occurs, but there is difficulty in identifying the solutions to fix these problems. As a teacher, I believe that the teachers and administration should have the most…show more content…
Rigor in education is the current direction all instruction is moving towards and “true rigor is creating an environment in which each student is expected to learn at high levels, each student is supported so he or she can learn at high levels, and each student demonstrates learning at high levels” (Blackburn, 2011). Rote memorization is no longer an option, as analysis and application are the main focus. For this as a society we must remember, “it is difficult to conceive of an effective teacher who doesn’t have a deep understand of content knowledge” (Chard, 2013, 2015, p. 218). Pedagogical knowledge is extremely important and teachers are the most equipped to convey their

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