The Importance Of Attending A Community College Essay

The Importance Of Attending A Community College Essay

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Imagine a young man who has nearly graduated from high school. His life should be full of hope and promise of a bright future, but he has no idea in which direction he desires to head. Picture a single mom who recently went through a divorce, she didn’t imagine she ever needed to worry for her financial future again. What about the students who excel in their studies of choice, but struggle with the subjects foreign to them? Community college can assist in overcoming those obstacles. The benefits of attending a community college include easier transitions, helping recent high school graduates transition to a 4-year college, and smaller class sizes.
The first benefit of attending community college is their ability to easily transition every type of student into the school. Think back to the picture of the single mom, let’s call her Sarah. Sarah hasn 't been to school in over 10 years. She married soon after high school and her husband took care of her and her family, now she is on her own and wondering how to support her family with only a high school diploma. Community college offers...

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