Compare And Contrast Community College Vs University

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Which is better, a Community College or University? This is and important question when a high school graduate is looking to further there education and start a new chapter in their life. Although Universities and Community Colleges serve the same purpose, they both have their differences and similarities. Some of the differences are coast, admission requirements, size, and student life. A Community College is a two-year school where students can receive a certificate or an associates degree to either transfer to a four-year college or begin their career, were Universities offer bachelors, masters, a doctorate degrees. The benefits of a Community College outweigh those of a university for a student to start the possess of furthering…show more content…
However, this is wrong, community colleges give students the option to receive an associates degree or certificate at a lower coast than universities. The tuition coast at a community college is much lower than at a university, after receiving an associate’s degree from a two-year college, students can than transfer to a four-year college to work towards a bachelor’s degree. The coast of receiving an associate’s degree at a Community College is a major perk for choosing the two-year college route. Richard Fonte the author of “The Community College Alternative” states that the price of higher education provided by four-year universities and colleges has increased to a point that the benefit or lifelong economic return is not worth the coast of attending college. He argues that a great way to avoid this problem is to start your college experience at a cheap and more realistic school, Community College. Fonte himself…show more content…
Well those four years go by a lot faster than one can imagine and many of students do not prepare nor get their GPA to a level that is accepted by universalities. Most community colleges are open enrollment, which means that any high school graduate or GED holder is eligible to attend them. Students looking to attend a two-year college may have to take a placement test. This test does not determine if a person is eligible to attend the college or not, but determines if the individual may need additional developmental courses pier to attending college-level courses (Why Community College, 2014). The Admission requirements for four-year colleges vary, however universities are not open enrollment. There are many of factors that are reviewed when enrolling into a University, such as a high school GPA, ACT scores, and SAT scores. The ACT is a multiple-choice test that consists of English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science. This test is designed to measure a student’s achievements related to high school curricula (Description of the ACT, 2014). The purpose of the SAT is to test a persons reading, writing, and math skills to show colleges what a student knows and how well they can apply there knowledge (About The Test). The enrollment process at a

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