The Pros and Cons of College Open Enrollment

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There isn't anything more important to community colleges than the certainty that they can and should provide all qualified people who are looking to be accepted with admittance (Vaughan). The people of the community college represent forty-four percent of all undergraduates and forty-nine percent of students attending college for the first time (David). These students include a lot of minority students, students with a low social standing and the non-standard (age twenty-five and older) student who commonly enters college less academically equipped (David). Most community colleges have made immense advancement in reducing a lot of geographical and economic blockades that have in the past limited college admittance (David). Community colleges are to be expected to present significant support to increasing occupation proficiency in the future as additional workers realize they must continue to improve their ability all the way through their profession (Black). Many people believe, that because these students are less likely to be ready for college, that they have a better chance of failing (Weis). All students should have the right to expand their knowledge through higher education regardless of how they did in high school.

Those who oppose open enrollment argue that remedial education has many fallbacks, including the problem that remedial education costs the state too much money and that remedial education devalues the college degree. Bruno V. Manno, a former United States Assistant Secretary of Education for Policy Training, states that most states with community colleges acquire a large remediation cost from the taxpayers and also those who pay to attend college.

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