Compare And Contrast Community College Vs University

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Educational Continuous: Community College vs. University
With economic costs increasing, many businesses are now requiring individuals to have a higher level of education and at least a few years of experience to receive fair employment. Since living expenses are increasing rapidly each year, minimum wage jobs are not making ends meet anymore. More and more people are thinking about enrolling in secondary and tertiary educational institutions just to make a comfortable living for themselves as well as their families. Now that several individuals are planning to enroll, they now have to select where to begin their continuous scholastic journey. Most of the individuals that are now enrolling in secondary and tertiary educational institutions has either recently graduated high school or has been out of school for years and need courses to be qualified for their jobs. The two most common options are community colleges and universities. Although they both have their benefits and shortcomings, they both offer the same diversities of knowledge. When deciding where is best to continue with a smooth transition, each individual should know that a community college and a university differ in
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Community colleges are thousands of dollars cheaper than a university, the professors actually notices every student presence and remembers their name, and it is closer to family, loved ones, and friends. In my opinion, community colleges are best to start with for an individual that is fresh out of high school or that has been out of school for a few years so that they may get the feel of school again. Community colleges are transitional schools, so people can save thousands of dollars while obtaining the exact knowledge that university students are losing during their first two-years of school. When starting at a community college, there is plenty to gain and nothing to
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