Essay The Importance Of A Zealous Decision For Not Vote For Prop 227

Essay The Importance Of A Zealous Decision For Not Vote For Prop 227

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Going back in time I would make a zealous decision to not vote for Prop 227. Requiring all public schools instruction to be conducted in English would be eradicating the various languages student posses by exerting English hegemony over different cultures. The proposition would allow schools to ignore students’ native languages along with pushing the dominant English language upon students. Prop 227 throws students into immersion programs that are supposed to last for one year, in order to make the students fluent in English. If the students cannot learn English in that one-year time period, they’re doomed to run into difficulties when advancing to a higher-level education of the dominant language. It is simply a “sink or swim” ordeal. The failure to address individual student’s language assistance translates to failure to provide them an equal, fair opportunity to learn. (Crawford 91) If schools were to increase bilingual programs instead of having all English immersion programs, I believe school attendance among Latinos would increase. I came to this assumption that school attendance would increase among minority students based on this example provided by Crawford who examined the increase of German students in schools, “After fifteen years of German bilingual programs, the percentage of German American children attending the public schools had increased from 20 percent to 80 percent.”(Crawford 102) Individuals should have the right to attend a school where their vernacular language is integrated such as for the Germans, learn at an appropriate pace, and attend a classroom where they’re not marginalized.
A student learning two languages should be lauded for challenging him or herself intellectually. Bilingual students’ native...

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...tive to learn and become educated in America because she was marginalized in American educational institutions. She told me back then she never heard of bilingual programs or programs where they help individuals who did not speak English. Instead, she was shut out and told she was not good enough by her teachers. Just like the African American students who are often shut out of TWI programs because the middle class whites occupy the spaces in these programs. (Palmer 109) The TWI programs tend to exclude African Americans and Latinos by having unfair lottery systems, difficult applications, and strict deadlines. In one incident, a TWI staff claimed that special education students were not “immersion material.” (Palmer 103) These special education students, similar to the individual I interviewed, are shut out of enrichment opportunities as a more pragmatic solution.

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