What Are Chicanos: Oppression To Success?

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Tam Nguyen
Professor Escalante V.
English 101: MW
May 8, 2014
Chicanos: Oppression to Success
Achieving the best education is a rewarding accomplishment for many students, especially for minority groups. It allows the individuals to pursue careers they love and be financially secure. But not everyone has been able to receive the best education possible . Throughout history Chicanos had to face inequality in the education system. They have been segregated, tracked, and denied culturally relevant programs. These problems have driven Mexican American student to fight for education rights with protests and lawsuits. Even though Chicanos have continued to struggle for many years, no progress has been made in the American education system. To this day, Chicanos continue to struggle with inequality in the education system such as the concerns with the increase dropout rates of no English speakers.
During the 1930s, Chicano parents, who suffered from Mexican revolution and hard labor, had hope for their America-born children to get the best education possible only to be obstructed by anti-Mexican Anglos that wanted a separate school for children of indigenous background. This issue was addressed in southern California within the Lemon Grove community. The Lemon Grove School District’s reason was that almost half of the students enrolled were Mexican descendant became a threat and claims that Chicano students were handicaps for Anglo students. A secretary of the Lemon Grove parent teacher association, Ms. Mandy claimed, “Overcrowding in the present classrooms, Mexican children are deficient in knowledge of the English Language, causing their classmates to learn at a much slower rate and a separate school would improve morals” (Espinosa)...

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...e to districts with large number of language instruction. So with all these propositions going against bilingual students like Mariam’s daughter who was able to learn better with a bilingual instructor, Chicano students will continue to struggle in school with all the political changes going against them.
Chicanos have faced inequalities in segregation of school, unequal treatment of school officials and the ban of ethnic classrooms. They did not accept being walked over without a fight. There was many victories and loses that provide changes in the education system but not all have been resolved. Their struggle in education will continue and to ensure the changes are being met, we must provide the equipment such as facilities, teachers, programs; supports of family, teachers and educators; and provide the funding need to improve the education resources.

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