Impact of Organizational Restructuring on Organizational Performance Essay

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When the organizational restructuring is done properly it will lead your organization to give maximum organizational performance.
In a research article of William McKinley and Andreas Georg they explored two consequences of organizational restructuring that are usually unforeseen by managers and they are, at organizational restructuring level of producing cognitive order for top executives, while at the environmental level the consequence of environmental instability. Both feed back to promote further organizational restructuring, making restructuring a self-interest sphere.
Most of the business press and intellectual writing on this phenomenon are restricted to restructuring's anticipated financial and strategic consequences. Following Merton's (1936), Rogers' (1995), and Tenner's (1996) distinctions between foreseen and unforeseen consequences, but William and Andreas focused on some less transparent consequences of restructuring that they believe are unanticipated by most managers. They proposed that organizational restructuring in an unstable environment generates a sense of cognitive order for top executives but it is not shared by their subordinates, who are prone to perceive organizational restructuring and as a result it becomes a source of cognitive disorder and leads the employees to betrayal. The environmental instability produced by large-scale organizational restructuring stimulates executive perceptions of environmental instability and, thence, additional restructuring.
In a research article on organizational performance the authors David Parker and Keith Hartley says that they went through the study of 10 organizations in the U.K. which underwent changes in their organizations. Their focus of ...

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