Diversity in Health Care

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According to the Society for Human Resource Management diversity is: “A broad definition of diversity ranges from personality and work style to all of the visible dimensions of diversity such as race, age, ethnicity or gender, to secondary influences such as religion, socioeconomics and education, to work diversities such as management and union, functional level and classification or proximity/distance to headquarters.” Diversity is a huge factor that we are striving for in many occupations around the world, but healthcare is one of the main professions that is becoming more diverse. Not only does it have many positive effects, it is providing the patients and workers with a sense of respect for each other. The patients are able to have a nurse or occupational therapists that understand where they are coming from. They might have the same morals or they might be in a similar situation as the patient, so they will be able to relate with the patient and understand them during difficult times. More companies are relating diversity into the workforce. Therefore they are able to have a more successful business because of the many changes they are making to meet the needs of each individual. Diversity in the field of healthcare is becoming more prominent in the United States. Healthcare is one of the fields of study that has one of the highest cultural diversity rates. It is so important that is a very diverse field, because there are so many kinds of people. Not only are there many people who have different needs, but they are of different age, race, gender, and they have different beliefs. Many people believe that it is crucial to have a lot of diversity to be able to interact with the patients. The interaction between the pati... ... middle of paper ... ... (2008). Why Cultural Competence Matters in Healthcare Organizations. In CEO Refresher.brain food for business. Lee, W. K., Wong, V., & Judd, N. (2010, May). Promoting Diversity of the Health Care Workforce. Hawaii Medical Journal, 69(5), 130-131. Marra, J., Covassin, T., Shingles, R. R., Canady, R. B., & Mackowiak, T. (2010). Assessment of Certified Athletic Trainers' Levels of Cultural Competence in the Delivery of Health Care. Journal of Athletic Training, 45(5), 380-385. doi:10.4085/1062-6050-45.4.380. Salisbury, J., & Byrd, S. (n.d.). Why Diversity Matters in Health Care. In CSA Bulletin. Spinks, N., & Moore, C. (2007). Nursing Leadership. The Changing Workforce, Workplace and Nature of Work: Implications for Health Human Resource Management, 20(3), 26-41. Workplace diversity: Leveraging the power of difference for competitive advantage. (2005). HRMagazine
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