The Impact Of Advertising On Sports On The Football Of The Millions Of Football Fans

The Impact Of Advertising On Sports On The Football Of The Millions Of Football Fans

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Seeking to capture the attention of the millions of football fans, advertisers are using Google and many other social networks to market to sports fans online. For one, Google has helped advertisers by building an online tool for its search product that places ads along side of football related results. This means that if someone were to go look up a video clip from a football game or simply click on any video related to football the ads would run before the N.F.L could be watched. Ads will also appear in a small box located next to where the scores of the football games are listed. Big brands are starting to take initiative and join in on what Google has provided. For one, Bud Light has made the move into digital advertising, so when someone goes onto Google site and searches a specific football team a Bud Light ad will run before and the ad might contain a beer can with the team’s logo on it. Google’s offering however is not the only football related marketing program being introduced, social networks are also joining in to help advertisers who are looking to capitalize on live events.
With the help of research it has been found that many people flock to social media networks to talk about football games. Because of this advertisers are now looking to advertise on popular social network sites and apps. The competition for ad dollars between among digital players is heating up, and popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat are a big factor. Twitter now offers several live event tools to advertisers. They allow brands to sponsor clips related to the N.F.L. Snapchat, is also seeking a partnership with the N.F.L. to add a weekly snapchat story of football related videos and highlights. According to research, ...

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...uses relating to football, or liking posts that relate to football, which allows advertisers to clearly see their target markets. But not only do these companies have target markets but social networks do too. This article showed how social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook saw how marketing to sports fans online was a way to attract a bigger portion of advertisers’ digital spending and they targeted big brands by allowing them advertise on their social networks. Many marketing topics were brought up in this article, but to sum it up it all is based on the focus of the customer and it can be seen that advertisers follow in the steps of the consumer, so because consumers have become so advanced with technology advertisers have now found that marketing online is important and they have joined with the most popular social networks and websites to attract costumers.

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