Importance Of Marketing Mix In The Sports Industry

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The marketing mix is important to the sport industry because it allows a sport marketer to better understand the market they are selling in, and enables a sport marketer to generate an increase in revenue. The marketing mix contains the four p’s, which include: product, price, place and promotion. Each of the p’s in the marketing mix are all vitally important because they are what you are selling, why you are selling, where you sell it at, and how you promote what a sport marketer is selling. The marketing mix is essential to the sports industry because it enables a sport marketer to better understand their product, and improve sales. The first P of the marketing mix is the product. Product is what you are trying to sell, and your mission behind selling it. In sports, this is vital to your organization’s success.…show more content…
Promotion is to raise awareness of the sport marketer’s product, and to increase revenues in sales. Promotions are vital to the sports industry because it is how sport marketers advertise their products, and to raise awareness of the product and brand. An example of promotion would be when a professional baseball team has a promotional event such as a bobblehead give-a-way and a post game concert to raise attendance. This event raises awareness of the product, which would be the game, and promotes the sponsor who paid for the give-a-way. Sponsors seek to promote their brand, to create awareness for their product, and most importantly increase sale (Hickman, 170). Naturally sport franchises and sponsors fit together in give-a-ways because it mutually raises awareness for both entities. It is important that sport marketers utilize promotions because while it generates awareness among fans that do not closely follow the organization, it increases sales by bringing more people to the stadium. Promotions help improve image of the product, and place, while directly affecting price by improving
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