Hypertension Lifestyle Factors And Determination Essay

Hypertension Lifestyle Factors And Determination Essay

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For the first group who cannot identify hypertension lifestyle factors and willingness to engage in self-care scores there are a total of 14 participants. The levels of central tendency consist of the mean of 5.5 which is the average score, the median of 5.5 which is the the exact middle number and the mode of 7 which is the most frequent occurring score. There was an average deviation from the mean of 2.35, therefore it can be said that 95% of scores would fall between -2 standard deviation (SD) and +2SD (Salkind, 2013). At -2SD is a score of 0.80 and +2SD is a score of 10.2, any scores that occurred below 0.80 and above 10.2 would be considered an extreme score and occur 5% of the time (Salkind, 2013). The range of scores for
individuals who cannot identify hypertension lifestyle factors and willingness to engage in self-care was 8, with a minimum score of 2 and maximum score of 10. There were no extreme scores. Thus, the mean would be the preferred level of central tendency to explained the group of who cannot identify hypertension lifestyle factors and willingness to engage in self-care, as the mean is sensitive to extreme scores (Salkind, 2013). Within this group, the distribution of scores is has the median the same score as the mean and the mode more than the mean, thus the distribution would be negatively skewed with the tail towards the left (Salkind, 2013). The kurtosis is a large negative number of -0.52812, and this represents that of a playkurtic curve where the curve of the distribution is flatter than a normal distribution which is mesokurtic (Salkind, 2013).

The second group which consists of participants who can identify some hypertension lifestyle factors and willingness to engage in self- care scores has a h...

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...gness to engage in self care. Researchers can conduct a self assessment study where participants are able to rate their improvement. Secondly, researchers can conduct research on the particular stage within a participant’s health for example optimal, prehypertension, stage 1 hypertension and stage 2 hypertension. According to Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario (2005) it is the nurses’ responsibility to assess, plan, intervene and evaluate, therefore, nurses can monitor the difference in self-care for those who have received patient education on hypertension risk factors and from those who have no received patient education. Also, the nurse can look at the different methods in which participants receive information on hypertension lifestyle faction for example, is the information delivered in the form of a pamphlet, audio or video, in person or group seminar.

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